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Issue #16: News update


1. Ready for a Great Show

2. Partnerships Allow Us to Broaden Our Reach

3. Outreach Associates Continue to Fuel Momentum

4. Steering Committees Plan A Full Schedule

5. Major Publicity Reaches Millions

6. URGENT: Yahoo! Chat Changes Date

7. Don't Forget. . .

8. A Final Thought


Well, the time has finally arrived. After two years of filming, editing, and reaching out to communities and organizations across the country, the broadcast date is merely days away. This is the last full newsletter you will receive before the premiere and we have many things to catch you up on. We will send you a broadcast reminder, and a few newsletters following the broadcast, so if you have something to share with us - an experience that came out of watching the series, a great activity idea for continuing the work on end-of-life issues - send them to us at moyersoutreach We always love to hear from you! And now, the news. . .


The American Library Association (ALA) has partnered with On Our Own Terms to assist libraries across the country with coordinating programs and events round the Moyers series. Funded through the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the ALA has awarded grants to libraries throughout the nation. As part of the grant requirements, the selected libraries were required to form a coalition around their programs. The libraries chosen to receive the grants are Birmingham, AL; Sacramento, CA; Des Moines, IA; Wichita, KS; Baltimore, MD; St. Louis, MO; New York, NY; Philadelphia, PA; Houston, TX; Salt Lake City, UT; Leesburg, VA; Norfolk, VA; and Madison, WI. You can learn more about this partnership and the libraries participating by visiting this web site: publicprograms/dying/ general.html

Make sure to take some time to stop by and see what these wonderful community libraries are up to.


Our outreach associates have been working hard throughout this outreach effort to spread the word to their membership and to encourage those members to join steering committees across the country. These national membership organizations continue to develop ideas for ways to improve end-of-life care. Read about their wonderful efforts:
  • The American Medical Association: The AMA is holding discussion forums on the Virtual Mentor, an interactive web site for medical students and doctors-in-training, that will address and highlight end-of-life care issues to coincide with the broadcast of On Our Own Terms.
  • Shepherd's Centers of America: Shepherd's Centers has created a work manual for the interfaith community full of ideas on how faith-based organizations can rally around the series and use it as a catalyst for discussions on end of life.
  • The American Medical Students Association: Based on their work with On Our Own Terms, AMSA has announced plans to evaluate American medical schools' end of life/palliative care curriculums by honoring the most innovative with AMSA's prestigious Paul R. Wright Award for Excellence in Medical Education. The recipient will be announced at AMSA's annual meeting in March 2001.
  • Hospice Foundation of America: HFA will be sending copies of their Living with Grief brochures to all steering committees. This is a series of three brochures that offer practical advice and suggestions. The brochures are for workplaces, schools, and faith communities.

    The contact information for the above Outreach Associates can be found on our website at: /wnet/ onourownterms/ community/ planning3.html.


    Well, we asked steering committee members to fill us in on your future plans - "If your steering committee plans to continue following the broadcast, what activities you do you have planned?" - and the response was overwhelming. Not only did we learn about future activities you have planned, we heard from some of you for the first time with activities that thrilled us. If your response is any indication, the movement to improve end-of-life care will continue well beyond the airing of On Our Own Terms, and we couldn't be more excited. Here's but a sampling of what is going on across the nation:
  • PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, MD: The steering committee has partnered with World Gym Fitness Center for a 5K Walk on September 9th. They will walk through communities to inform residents about the series, increase awareness of end-of-life issues and support Hospice of Prince George's County.
  • NORTH CAROLINA: The Governor has declared the week of September 10th as "Improving End-of-Life Care Week in North Carolina."
  • ST. JOSEPH, MO: The steering committee has mailed program announcements to all the community congregations and nursing care facilities. The announcements describe the series and encourage group viewing. They have also offered speakers for groups if people are interested.
  • HONOLULU, HI: September is Women's Health Month in Hawaii, and the steering committee has developed displays and workshops to be held on neighboring islands celebrating women as caregivers.
  • FLORIDA: The Governor has declared September 6, 2000 as the "Day of Decision" for advance care planning. Many hospices in Florida are inviting local legislators to visit their local hospice and participate in Day of Decision events.
  • FLORIDA: The Hospice of Florida, Suncoast hosted a teen summit entitled "Youth Break the Silence and Speak Out About End-of-Life Issues." More than 100 teens, parents, schoolteachers and community members attended. Teens and adults spoke about topics ranging from their first experience with death to how death is portrayed in the media.


    Reaching approximately 22 million readers, Modern Maturity's current issue includes an impressive package of coverage about On Our Own Terms and end-of-life issues. (Modern Maturity is a publication of the AARP, one of our Outreach Associates.) The magazine includes an interview with Bill and Judith Moyers that sheds light on their reasons for producing the series. In addition, an 8-page pull-out section funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation includes a great deal of information on how to prepare for a better death. You can access this coverage at endoflife. Modern Maturity is partnering with On Our Own Terms to promote the series and this special issue of the magazine with a video news release that will be available to television stations around the country.


    The live Yahoo! chat with Bill Moyers has been moved to Tuesday, September 12 at 8:00 p.m. ET/ 5:00 p.m. PST. (The chat was originally scheduled for Monday, September 11th at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.) Bill Moyers will be the guest for an hour-long discussion about the series and care for the dying. Be sure to note the date change and log onto http://chat. to share your questions and comments with Bill.

    7. DON'T FORGET. . .

    Barnes & Noble is helping to raise awareness by promoting the series with displays of books on dying and end-of-life care in 900 Barnes & Noble and B. Dalton stores. You can also find their suggested titles online at www.barnes


    We would be remiss to let this last newsletter before the broadcast end without expressing our gratitude for all of the hard work you have done.. We have been overwhelmed by the response as people in communities across the country work to improve the lives and the dying of their neighbors and loved ones. . Thank you for letting us join the conversation. We hope that each of you will find On Our Own Terms a meaningful experience and that you will feel it does justice to the efforts you all make on a daily basis. Thank you so much.