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Kelly & Salerno Communications is managing a national media campaign for ON OUR OWN TERMS that is designed to stimulate intensive coverage of end-of-life issues at the time of the program premiere in September.

Concentrated coverage in print, television, radio and Web media at this time will provide momentum to help the public focus on these difficult issues. Kelly & Salerno is working closely with national media and will also be placing extensive coverage in local media across the country.

The tools below can help you to promote your coalition's activities as part of the national campaign. Before initiating any local promotion for your coalition's activities in conjunctions with this project, please read the Publicity Guidelines and Legal Disclaimer. If you have problems, go to the Help Guide.

Print Resources

Boilerplate for Local Press Releases

Press Release Letterhead
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National Project Press Release

Publicity Flyer


Image Gallery

Series Photo

Series Photo

Bill Moyers, Jim & Susie Witcher
Episode 3: A Death of One's Own
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Joyce Kerr & Family
Episode 2: A Different Kind of Care
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For questions from the media or publicity-related inquiries ONLY, please contact:

Rose Lynn Marra, Director of Media Relations
Kelly & Salerno Communications
888 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY 10106
Phone: (212) 632-0207; Fax: (212) 632-0151