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The complete, four-part ON OUR OWN TERMS series can be obtained on video tape from Films of the Humanities (1-800-257-5126).

"Before I Die -- Medical Care and Personal Choices."
This PBS video, part of the Fred Friendly Seminars, along with the accompanying viewer's guide, covers the many ethical, legal, and personal choices that surround the dying and their families. The format places panelists, ranging from physicians to ethicists, in hypothetical situations where they must make difficult choices just as patients and their families must often make such choices. Available through PBS on the Internet at under "Mind Body Spirit" in the category of "Medical," or by calling toll-free (800) 424-7963.

"Bill T. Jones -- Still Here with Bill Moyers"
A behind-the-scenes look at artist Bill T. Jones and his highly expressive dance routines. Themes such as living with a life-threatening illness, spirituality, and maintaining a positive outlook on life are central. To order, call WNET toll-free at 800-336-1917. The cost is $29.95 plus shipping and handling.

"Clergy to Clergy: Helping You Minister to Help Those Confronting Illness, Death and Grief"
A 12-part audiotape series to help clergy learn more about grief and bereavement. Conversational in format and non-denominational in approach, these tapes are moderated by Rev. Anita Bradshaw of the Yale Divinity School. It is available for ordering at (202) 638-5419 or on the Hospice Foundation of America Web site:

"Facing Death"
A videotape series for caregivers, family and friends of terminally ill patients, and the terminally ill themselves The tapes discuss providing physical, emotional and spiritual comforts to loved ones, as well as practical planning and discussion of legal issues. Winner of the National Hospice Organization's 1997 President's Award, the series is available from FEPI/Family Experiences Productions, Inc., or phone (512) 494-0338.

"In the Gloaming"
HBO, 1997. Based on the outstanding short story by Alice Elliott Dark, this film dramatizes a dying young man's return home, and focuses on his heightened intimacy with his mother, her acceptance of his impending death, and the shared revelations of what they have cared most about. Available through commercial outlets.

"The Vanishing Line"
A film by Maren Monsen, M.D., describes a young physician's journey to understanding the complexities of caring for the dying. Contact: First Run/ Icarus Films (212) 727-1711

"Going Home"
A two-volume set of 12 tapes-- six to be used by the person with terminal illness and six for the caregivers or loved ones. The tapes are designed to be relaxing and contain an interview with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, and talk the listener through his or her fear. For more information, go to or call (800) 541-2488.

"Graceful Passages"
Produced by Companion Arts. CD that presents the listener/patient with evocative music and spoken words from foremost experts in the field, speaking candidly about key elements of the dying process. Themes include letting go, elements of closure, giving and receiving love, forgiveness and continuity of spirit. The content is designed to relax listeners and provide them with an avenue to explore their own inner emotions. Available at or by calling their toll-free number (888) 242-6608.