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Art and music therapy can provide invaluable comfort for the dying and their loved ones. Find out how.

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Program 1
From the Series

Death as Sugar: Program 1
Terminal Esophageal Cancer Patient Dr. Bill Bartholome and his wife, Pam Roffol Dobbies
Program 3
Care for the Caregiver: Program 3
Susie Witcher with husband, A.L.S. patient Jim Witcher
Program 4
Care for the Family: Program 4
Hospice Nurse Casandra Jackson, R.N., with Bill Moyers
  • A Guide to Grief
  • A Guide to Children's Grief
  • A Teacher's Guide to Grief
  • Activities for the Dying and Their Loved Ones
  • Support for a Family Caregiver
  • Dying as a Spiritual Event


      Test Your Knowledge  

    How many Americans use grief counseling? What percent of the U.S. population experiences the death of a family member each year? Find out.