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Can you cover the expenses of a loved one's final days? Get some tips on paying for care.

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Program 1
From the Series

The Need to Plan: Program 1
Dr. Pat Caralis, University of Miami/Jackson Medical Center
Program 2
Discussing Advance Directives: Program 2
Dr. Diane Meier, Hertzberg Palliative Care Center, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine with Bill Moyers
Program 1
Hospice and Support: Program 1
Terminal Esophageal Cancer Patient Dr. Bill Bartholome and his wife, Pam Roffol Dobbies

  Patient Tools  
  • A Guide to First Steps
  • A Guide to Advance Directives
  • What Treatment Is Best For You?
  • Taking a Spiritual Inventory
  • Self-Assessment of Your Beliefs About Death and Dying
      Community Tools  
  • How to Share the Care
  • How to Be with a Dying Person
  • A Doctor's Guide to Diversity
      Test Your Knowledge  

    What do Americans fear most about death? What are the leading causes of death? Find out.