CLIMATE UPDATE: The California Fires

Photo Credits: David McNew/Getty Images via NY Magazine, Mason Trinca/The Washington Post/Getty Images via WIRED, and Marcus Kauffman/Unsplash via Union of Concerned Scientists

Despite being an issue of concern throughout the summer, California wildfires have unusually continued into autumn with the recent November fires. Here are three stories to bring you up to speed on the wildfires that have ravaged -and continue to devastate- California in recent weeks:

In California, Climate Change has Turned Rainy Season into Fire Season (New York Magazine)

What’s worrisome about this year’s November fires is they’re occurring “just as fire season was supposed to be ending.”

Take a Good Look, America. This is What the Reckoning Looks like (WIRED)

A blunt reality check about the causes of California’s wildfires: “The contribution of climate change to this evolving disaster isn’t speculative—it’s pretty obvious in the data.”

Is Global Warming Fueling Increased Wildfire Risks? (Union of Concerned Scientists)

This article from the Union of Concerned Scientists offers a look as the specific precipitation patterns, costs and preventative actions surrounding the wildfires.

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