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timeline of the pharaohs
Circa 1985-1956 BC Amenemhat I expands Egyptian territory south into Nubia, begins trade with Asia and the Aegean.
Kom Ombo Nubia, relief
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Circa 1956-1911 BC The Hekanakht papers are written. The collection of letters, from a farmer to his family, provide an intimate view of family and agricultural life.
Circa 1956-1911 BC Senusret I founds the temple of Karnak at Thebes.
Luxor, Thebes, Great Temple of Karnk
Circa 1877-1870 BC Senusret II constructs the Faiyum irrigation scheme, a dyke and series of canals to provide water to the Faiyum oasis.

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Secrets of the Pharaohs First Intermeadiate