Funny Ladies Full Episode

This episode includes the first standup comediennes to appear on television, including Joan Rivers and the late Phyllis Diller. Funny Ladies also looks at Lucille Ball’s breakthrough on “I Love Lucy” and the sitcom stars who followed, including Mary Tyler Moore, Betty White and Marla Gibbs. Also, television’s most beloved variety star, Carol Burnett.

  • Coleen Spence

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    • WNET

      Funny Ladies premiered nationwide on PBS at 8 p.m. on January 15, 2013.

  • ccutenese

    Carol Burnett appeared on the Dick Cavett talk show around 1974. Dick’s first question to Carol was…..”So what does Carol Burnett do to let her hair down?” Carol immediately pulled off her wig, leaving behind her real hair matted in a hair net. Both laughed for some time.

  • Rosemary Watson

    A great, and true story! of what Carol Burnett did for me.