Chart Activity Sheet

Detailed realism

Expansive barren background dominates the top half of the painting and Marat the lower half

Marat's limp arms stress and balance the sharp horizontal and vertical planes of the lower half of the painting

Softness in the forms of cloth and flesh on the viewer's left side of the painting contrast but balance with the hardness of the right side in the forms of a covered board and a wooden table
Muted colors of browns, greens and grey-yellow combine to create a sober atmosphere

Stark contrasts of light and shade throughout the composition
Overall contrasts of light and shade add to the tragic nature of the image

Clear light bathes Marat's peaceful face
Unclothed body has associations with the unclothed renditions of heroes from the classical mythology and history

Pen and ink represents Marat as a thinker and leader of the Revolution

Peaceful face with closed eyes and sweet subtle smile portrays Marat as pure and noble or even saint-like

The wooden box represents Marat as and a man of the common people

Barren background represents the great loss of Marat for the French people

A knife on the floor and the petition in Marat's hand represents the deceit and actions of the murderess