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Production Staff
Mary Hope Garcia, Producer
Christine Mckenna, Associate Producer
Chris Czajka, Educational Consultant
Diana Cofresí-Terrero, Production Assistant
Ariel Jacobs, Production Assistant

Technical Staff
Brian Lee, Technical Director
Brian Santalone, Implementation
David Hirmes, Flash Implementation

Christopher Ragazzo, On-Site Photography
Joseph Sinnott, On-Site Photography and Panoramas
Wyman Meinzer, On-Site Photography
Lisa Hepner

Design Staff
Sabina Daley, Art Director, Designer
Radik Shvarts, Designer
Loretta Wong, Designer
Ying Zhou-Hudson, Graphic Artist

Special Thanks:
Luis Barreto
Henry B. Crawford
Robin Gilliam Crawford
Roger D. Hardaway
Annie Heringer
Shannon Jebbia
Katie Kramer
B. Byron Price
Cliff Teinert
Thirteen Online is a production of Thirteen/WNET New York's Kravis Multimedia Education Center in New York City. Anthony Chapman, Director of Interactive & Broadband. Bob Adleman, Business Manager. Carmen DiRienzo, Vice President and Managing Director, Corporate Affairs.

Narrator: Randy Quaid

Series Producer: Luis Barreto

Original Music Composed By: Don Dinicola, Stewart Lerman, Steuart Smith

Executive Producers, Wall To Wall Media Ltd: Diane Best & Leanne Klein

Executive Producer: Jody Sheff

Episode 1: "A Home On The Range"
Director: Bobbie Birleffi
Editor: Oliver Lief
Episode 3: "The Cookie Crumbles"
Director: Christopher Ragazzo
Editor: Bryan Gunnar Cole
Senior Producer: Joseph Dorman
Episode 5: "Showdown At The Cooke Corral"
Director: Ilana Trachtman
Editor: Oliver Lief
Episode 7: "Blazing Trails"
Director: Barnaby Coughlin
Editors: Oliver Lief, Lisa M. Jones
Additional Editing: Joyce Haverkamp
Episode 2: "The Good, The Bad & The Colonel"
Director: Bobbie Birleffi
Editor: Lisa M. Jones
Episode 4: "The Great Divide"
Director: Christopher Ragazzo
Editor: Bryan Gunnar Cole
Senior Producer: Joseph Dorman
Episode 6: "Lords Of The Plains"
Director: Ilana Trachtman
Editor: Lisa M. Jones

Episode 8: "The Reckoning"
Director:Barnaby Coughlin
Editor: Mark Augustine
Additional Editing: Joyce Haverkamp
Line Producer:
Steven Stoke

James Jansen & Raoul Germain

Audio Supervisors:
Blair Halver, D'marco Ray

Audio Mixers:
D'Marco Ray, Stephen Micallef

Production Supervisor:
Jennifer Latham

Production Manager:
Antonia Davies

Story Producer &
Post Production Supervisor:
Lisa Hepner

Senior Associate Producer &
Head Of Research:
Annie Heringer

Associate Producers:
Katie Kramer, Sara Grady,
Timothy McConville

Assistant Camera:
Matthew Mcginn, Pyongson Yim

Associate Editors:
Edward Arguelles, Rica Linders, Alexandra Yalakidis

Production Coordinator:
Kristen Burns

Location Accountant:
Colin Rampton

Clothing Design:
Andrea Huelse

Art Director:
Shannon Jebbia

Art Department:
Marisa Hawk, Rachel Schwartz, Matthew Stoke, Thomas Stoke, Gina Godet, Anne Marie Hamill, Angela Mcdowell, Thomas Mcbryde, Steven Glasdscox, Neil Trammell

Opening Title Sequence:
Creative Bubble

Producer for Creative Bubble:
Anne Vega

Casting Producer:
Amanda Karrh

Casting Associate Producer:
Anna Park

Casting Producer:
Amanda Karrh

Casting Associate Producer:
Anna Park

Additional Camera:
Peter Nelson, Marc Eveslage

Jib Operator:
David Hilmer

Jib Tech:
Eric Young

Standby Medics:
Shawn Zimmerman, Jeremy Thomasson, Raigen Thorton

Standby Veterinarians:
Dr. Ray Allen, DVM,
Dr. Ernest Reesing, DVM

Location Fixer:
Alice Stevens

Location Production Assistants:
Audra Epstein
Candace Covington
Brett Huegele
Lori Keyes
Andrew Stuart
William Doherty
Blaine Langford
Luke Henryx
Davey Vance
Kyle Killingsworth
Judith Ann Oliver
Coby Porter
Ray Howell
Clay Webb
Wes Holmes
Brandi Sellers
Lori Keyes

Office Manager - Wall to Wall NYC:
Grady McGahan

Production Assistants - Wall To Wall NYC:
Adam Tessitore, Erin Brown

Production Assistants - Thirteen/WNET:
Jessica Fox, Natalie Neptune, Brian Batka

Post Production Supervisor - Wall To Wall Media Ltd:
Laura Madden

Additional Research:
Jennifer Hallam, Jeremy Koven, Paul Cabana

Assistant Editors:
David Hartstein, Jeremy Minton, Dan Nelson, Sara Leavitt

Leigh Underwood, Sarah Donna, Deborah Harvin, Geoffrey Guerrero, Georgia Graham

Historical Advisors:
Dr. Armando Cantu Alonzo
Dr. Alwyn Barr
Henry Crawford
Dr. Donald Fixico
Robin Gilliam-Crawford
Melissa Guerra
Robert Haynes
Dr. Sara R. Massey
Jim Pfluger
B. Byron Price
Lonn Taylor
Cliff Teinert
Dr. Ted Tunnell
Dr. Bonnie J. Warnock
John P. White, Aia

Additional Narration:
Kathryn Walker

Marsha Talcin

Lead Wrangler & Technical Advisor:
Craig Carter

Jason Owen, Ryon Marshall, Sierra Barreto

Wagon Master:
Gil Dean

Freight Wagon Delivery:
Cody Hanes

Stagecoach Driver:
Ray Boeshart

Director Of Construction:
Jack Wilson

General Contractor:
Joe Murray/Act Commerical Construction, Inc.

Garden Created By:
Paul Schaefer

Location Caterer:
W. Patrick Brown

Special Thanks:
Brewster Country Sheriff's Department-Sheriff Ronnie Dodson
Michael Burgess and the Comanche Nation
Carrico's Leatherworks, Saddlemaker
Corner Clothiers
CJ Daley
Fort Concho Living History Project
Frye Boots
George Bruce Paul
Michael Stevens
History In The Making
M. Shelhart & Co.
The Lykes Bros. Inc. &
The O2 Ranch, Brewster County Tx. Homer Mills, 02 Ranch Manager

Druanne Mills
Homer Mills
New Jersey Skillet Licker
Hal Simon, Curator Old City Park Historical Village, Dallas
Sul Ross State University Fine Arts & Communication Department - Theatre Program
The Chapmaker
Timmy Brooks
Thomas B. Saunders III
Will Ghormley, Saddlemaker

Special Thanks to:
The Fort Concho National Historic Landmark and to the Buffalo Soldiers:
Chris Morgan (the officer)
Paul Cook
Rickey Rinehart
Rick Brown
Milton Lewis
Tim Walker
Jason Howell
Andre Walker

Comanche Flute Music Written and Performed By:
Calvert Nevaquaya

Online Editor And Colorist:
Robert Burgos/ Full Circle Post

Audio Post Production:
Bill Cavanaugh, Anthony Erice / Tonic

Editor - Thirteen/WNET:
Mark Sutton

Audio - Thirteen/WNET:
David Browning

Thirteen Communications Department:
Stacey Robbins Woodhouse, Debra Falk, Caroline Oman, Deidre Branley

Wyman Meinzer, Christopher Ragazzo, Joe Sinnott, Debra Falk

Brian T. Whitehill

Project Manager:
Julie Schapiro Thorman

Executive In Charge For Thirteen/WNET New York:
William R. Grant

Head of Production For Wall To Wall, (Wall To Wall UK):
Helena Ely

Development Producer, (Wall To Wall Uk):
Helen Jerome

Development Production Manager, (Wall To Wall Uk):
Emma Fenton

TEXAS RANCH HOUSE is a co-production of Thirteen/WNET New York and Wall to Wall Media Limited and PBS in association with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

TEXAS RANCH HOUSE Television Credits