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Travel back in time with one brave family and a group of intrepid would-be cowboys as they find out what it took to make it on the western frontier in 1867. How well will these modern-day individuals do as they experience real life on the range? Tune in to TEXAS RANCH HOUSE to find out! Check local listings.
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Episode Descriptions

Episode One: A Home on the Range
Premieres Monday, May 1 at 8 p.m. (ET)
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The series opens with the vaqueros, or cowboys, arriving at their new 1867 living quarters, the bunkhouse, and meeting the ranch family (the Cookes) for the first time. As the vaqueros get acclimated to the taxing manual labor of ranch life, digging postholes and hammering fencing, they meet their foreman, Stan, nicknamed "The Colonel," and begin to understand the difficult tasks ahead of them.

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