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Travel back in time with one brave family and a group of intrepid would-be cowboys as they find out what it took to make it on the western frontier in 1867. How well will these modern-day individuals do as they experience real life on the range? Tune in to TEXAS RANCH HOUSE to find out! Check local listings.
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Episode Two: The Good, The Bad & The Colonel
Premieres Monday, May 1 at 9 p.m. (ET)
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The cowboys travel farther out on the range and slowly begin to gather cows, while back at the ranch, Mrs. Cooke, her three daughters and family servant Maura begin to understand the drudgery of domestic life. Rising tensions among the group at large lead to various confrontations, including the firing of foreman Stan, but relief comes with a Fourth of July celebration that brings friends and neighbors to the ranch and gives everyone a chance to blow off some steam.

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