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Travel back in time with one brave family and a group of intrepid would-be cowboys as they find out what it took to make it on the western frontier in 1867. How well will these modern-day individuals do as they experience real life on the range? Tune in to TEXAS RANCH HOUSE to find out! Check local listings.
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Episode Three: The Cookie Crumbles
Premieres Tuesday, May 2 at 8 p.m. (ET)
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The cowboys awake to discover that 10 horses were stolen from the ranch overnight. Although they manage to retrieve five, they're still short five horses -- ones that they'll need for the cattle drive. Meals become a focal point of interaction between the vaqueros and the Cookes -- first a mysterious stomach ailment brings the ranch to a grinding halt, ranch cook Nacho is fired, and finally, the food shortage reaches a critical point.

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