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Red Gold - The Epic Story of Blood Blood Basics
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Blood backgrounders written for the hematologist, historian, or humble invoice.

A selection of articles to further your understanding of the production and function of blood within the human body; the views about blood that predominated for centuries and the medical practices that such views helped to engender; the advancements in the medical use and collection of blood brought on by war, most notably World War II; modern-day techniques for the collection, storage, and use of blood. Some articles are augmented by video clips from RED GOLD: THE EPIC STORY OF BLOOD. (The free RealPlayer plug-in is required to view the clips.)

Grouped under four subject headings, the articles can be accessed by clicking on the article title links at right.

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Blood in the Body
Red blood cells

The Circulatory System
Blood Vessels
What Is Blood Made Of?
Blood Plasma
How Is Blood Produced?
Blood Groups and Typing
Blood and the Treatment of Disease
Early Practices

Blood in Ancient Judaism and Christianity
A Brief History of Bloodletting
Bloodletting Instruments
Blood in War
WWII soldier from donation poster

Blood on the Hoof
World War I and the Spanish Civil War
World War II Blood Programs
World War II Transport of Blood
Red Cross Blood Donor Service
Protecting German Blood
Post-War Blood Systems
The Blood Supply
Bottles of blood

Blood Collection
Blood Use in the Hospital
Making the Blood Supply Safer
Tests Performed on Donated Blood
Autologous Transfusion
Bad Blood

Photos: Red blood cells (detail), courtesy of © James A. Sullivan; woman being bled, courtesy of the National Library of Medicine; "Your Blood Can Save Him" poster (detail), courtesy of the U.S. National Archives; and blood storage refrigerator (detail), courtesy of the National Library of Medicine.

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