KIM LAWTON: Donnie McClurkin is a Gospel superstar whose voice is recognized around the world. But on Sunday mornings, as Pastor McClurkin, he has more local concerns -- like the parking problems in his church's neighborhood.

Pastor DONNIE MCCLURKIN (Perfecting Faith Church, at pulpit): You want to be mindful of Zack's Delicatessen across the street also. You can park around there, but don't block the front door entrance because they have a problem with the clientele getting in. Amen?

LAWTON: This Grammy award winning artist may sing for presidents, but he's known for "being real." And whether in his local church pulpit or on a stage before thousands, he preaches a forthright, often-provocative message about his troubled past, his struggle with homosexuality, and his faith in God. Music, he says, is his sermon.

Pastor MCCLURKIN: You won't find a major religion in this world that doesn't use music, because the truth of the matter is that music comes from God. I don't understand it to this day, but music goes past the soul, goes past the emotions and gets into the spirit of a man and can bring him to his knees. If you ever want to get anybody in touch with God, sing to them.

Donnie McClurkin church

LAWTON: McClurkin has sung for millions. His three solo albums have topped the Billboard charts and Gospel and secular R&B play lists. In 2003 he won a Grammy for his CD, AGAIN. He credits Oprah Winfrey with promoting his hit single, "Stand."

Pastor MCCLURKIN: She said, "Donnie, has this CD gone gold yet?" And I said, "No, No." She said, "OK." She stood on television and said, "You've heard me talk about Donnie McClurkin before. This is a voice that you've got to reckon with, and this is my favorite song." Two weeks later, the thing went gold.

LAWTON: McClurkin wrote the song "Stand" in 1996, after having what he calls "a meltdown with God." He was on a red-eye flight, feeling exhausted and frustrated that God didn't seem to be answering his prayers. The song that became his signature came to him, he says, in about 20 minutes.

Pastor MCCLURKIN: He'd allowed me to have a temper tantrum on a plane so that a whole entire world can be, you know, ministered to by a song. Why he does that I don't know, and when I get to him, I'm going to ask him.

LAWTON: Much of McClurkin's music comes out of his personal experience and his own pain. His happy early childhood ended abruptly in 1968 when he was eight years old. His two-year-old brother was hit by a car and killed. The night of the funeral, McClurkin's uncle raped him. His family was torn apart by drugs, alcohol, and violence. McClurkin found solace in the church.

Pastor MCCLURKIN (from documentary, "The Story of Donnie McClurkin"): I received Jesus in that church right there, on a Sunday morning, July 14, 1969.

LAWTON: He was particularly drawn to the music of the church.

Pastor MCCLURKIN: I was always introverted. I was the guy that was scared of crowds, that was inferior. I had such an inferiority complex, and the only way that I could really depict any feelings or any emotions was through music.

Donnie headshot

LAWTON: When he was 13, McClurkin says he was raped again, by his cousin. That led to a 20-year-long battle over his sexual identity.

Pastor MCCLURKIN: My desires were toward men, and I had to fight those things because I knew that it wasn't what we were taught in church was right.

LAWTON: McClurkin says that through Bible study and intense prayer, he has overcome his homosexuality.

Pastor MCCLURKIN: God gave me the wherewithal to get out of that and to find out who I really am and, consequently, that's how the change took place. The different scriptures in the Bible, his will being shown through the scriptures -- God walked me through it.

LAWTON: His comments have provoked a firestorm of controversy, particularly from gay rights groups that are offended by his belief that homosexuality is something that can be chosen or "overcome." McClurkin insists he's not condemning anyone, but he makes no apologies for his beliefs.

Pastor MCCLURKIN: There's a group that says, "God made us this way," but then there's another group that knows that God didn't make them this way. And for those that are looking for that exit -- there are those of us, and I'm not a lone wolf -- there are many more that can tell that God did it for us, and he will do it for them.

LAWTON: He's also open about his continuing sexual struggles. He fathered a child out of wedlock five years ago. His hit song "We Fall Down" talks about the frailties of saints and sinners alike.

Pastor MCCLURKIN: You know, I don't understand where the hypocrisy comes in so heavily in Christianity. And it angers me in a way, because the bottom line is, if you mess up, just say, "I messed up." Don't cover it up and act like, you know, I'm too pompous and pious to say that I've done wrong. No, if you are a preacher and a pastor or a minister and you mess up, just come clean.

LAWTON: McClurkin is head pastor at Perfecting Faith Church, a nondenominational Pentecostal church in Freeport, New York. The 1,000-plus congregation meets in a former supermarket. He's home for the services every Sunday unless he's traveling overseas. Services there are exuberant and interactive. Church members are likely to be dancing in the aisles, speaking in tongues or lying on the floor, overcome by the Holy Spirit.

While many Gospel artists have been accused of abandoning their religious roots after they hit it big, McClurkin is emphasizing his roots all the more.

Donnie McClurkin 3

Pastor MCCLURKIN (at BET Awards): 'Cause I'm telling you, I'm nothing but a glorified church boy. That's all I am.

LAWTON: His new CD, "Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs," is all praise and worship music recorded live at this concert in Virginia.

Pastor MCCLURKIN: So much of what we do is industry driven, but there comes a time when you've got to know your audience, and you've got to know where you really function best, and you've got to take the chance.

LAWTON (to Pastor McClurkin): Has success brought new challenges for you?

Pastor MCCLURKIN: Celebrity has its pros and cons, but what celebrity has afforded me is a greater platform to declare the very message that has changed my life. I don't want to be larger than life. God's chosen that I am for his purposes.

(from documentary, "The Donnie McClurkin Story," on tour bus): Welcome to the world of touring. Welcome to Donnie McClurkin's world.

LAWTON: McClurkin, who is still single, says he stays grounded by surrounding himself with family, including several of his sisters who sing backup for him. Music, he says, helps keep his relationship with God fresh.

Pastor MCCLURKIN: There are certain songs that open up another illumination to how great God is, that would reduce me to tears, you know? There's a song that says, [singing] "Sweet hour of prayer, sweet hour of prayer that calls me from this world of care." Those songs reduce me to tears.

At the end of all the accomplishments, I've got to be that little boy -- the one who was broken, realized his own lack of self-worth, that depended on God in the beginning; the one that depends on God now. If you want to know who I am, I'm Donnie McClurkin, a nine-year-old boy who met God. That's it.

LAWTON: I'm Kim Lawton reporting.


Donnie McClurkin

Donnie McClurkin is a Gospel superstar whose voice is recognized around the world. But on Sunday mornings, as Pastor McClurkin, he has more local concerns — like the parking problems in his church’s neighborhood.

  • tessa narcisse

    I seem to love every-thing that I hear about donnie. He is so hansome and his voice is so wonderful He is a Blessing to us all.

  • omezie wogu

    thank God, he has made what would have been an ugly story a life changing one.i like your boldness,your provoking singing spirit and your are blessing lives and i love u so dearly Pastor Donnie.


    Bishop continue to give GOD all the Glory and HE will exalt YOU in due season.I will be praying for YOU and I will be fighting YOUR enemies in ths spirit for YOU.YOU are not alone.There is more with You than be with them. Be encouraged.Thank You for your openess on the pulpit.your testimony is my life I am a OVERCOMER

  • Ora Edison

    My prayers are continually with you. There’s a song that says, “speak over yourself, encourage yourself”, I know you are a mighty man of God and you will win this battle. If God be for you, who can be against you? Keep working for the Lord and he will fight your battles.

  • Paranda Darnelle Williams

    Pastor McClurkin, You have a number of warriors interceding for you in the South. Continue to walk in integrity and pure holiness! You are a special gift to the Body of Christ-For you have a true Pastor’s Heart. Remember, You are loved! Blessings

  • Barbara Peete

    Truly,Pastor McClurkin you are blessing to the world! I thank GOD for your boldness and courage in telling your testimony. Truly, you have helped change many lives through it! I always teach others that a testimony has no power until you share it! Thank you again for all you do in ministering into the lives of us all! I look forward to meeting you one day! I will continue to keep you lifted before the Lord! And my HE continue to fill you and use you always.GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!

  • Norresa

    Pastor McClurkin you will always be a part of the lives that you come incontact with you are a great under shephard and I thank God everyday that my famly and I were able to be a part of the Perfecting Faith Family. May you continue to walk in the blessings of God

  • Evesam

    Couldn’t have needed anything more than this and at this time. I have been touched and I’m always glad and blessed each time I have the opportunity to hear your minister through songs. Your songs always bring tears to my eyes because they tell my story; those of strength and weakness. I have been through it all but am glad God decided to use you so that we all can know it is possible. GOD BLESS YOU FOR AVAILING YOURSELF.

  • kacy

    David was a man after Gods heart because he always aknowledged his sins no matter how gross they were. Pastor Donnie, God is with you, This is what every born again Christian Pastor what have you,needs…… the grace to accept that they have sinned.thats the best part about you.

  • seun

    I just can’t but talk about this man of God who despite his challenges stood firm in God. His songs has realy lifted me and always lifting. I can’t have enough of him. I wish you more anointing and inspiration pastor.

  • tady & bai

    truly, i admire your boldness in accepting that you’ve once messed up and believing that GOD can change even the most horrible life!

  • Michelle

    Donny is truly special. His ministry is awesome, and based on a deep, genuine relationship with The Lord. I was a bit disappointed recently though, because I thought he was due in Jamaica for a concert in June, 2009. I kept checking, but nothing!! I’d love to know what happened.

  • Deraina

    Pasteur Donnie, c’est un don de Dieu. Don , il ne nie pas ses problmes mais les affrontent avec courage. Merci infiniment de votre engagement. Que j’aimerais vous rencontrez, bien sûr c’est un rêve qui…; Mais Dieu vous garde et vous bennise tout au long de votre vie d’evangeliste.

  • Norma Hipsher

    Donnie McClurkin is very special to me. I know that God can do anything but fail. You are a true man of God and He has delivered you from your enemy. Presently, I live in Korea. I wanted to meet you when you visited here in 2007. You bacame sick and performed anyway. I had to work and I cried to whole time. I will meet you one day and just tell you face to face that God loves you and so do I. God bless you Pastor and you take care of yourself.

  • Angela

    I Love You Pastor McClurkin for your holiness and integrity. I grew up COGIC and didn’t understand it then but thank God now for the seed that was planted. I have visited your church a few times and always blessed. I have loved and followed your music for many years. I got to meet you personally early spring on the One Love Gospel Cruise and was truly blessed. I also was blessed to attend Chicago’s Gospelfest. I thank God for a wonderful man of God and such a powerful ministry. I know God will continue to use you. Hope to see you next year…..

  • William Mensah

    Pastor Donnie, we in Africa love you greatly. In my country Ghana, you would hardly go through a day without hearing Pastor Donnie music of radio. You’re doing a good job. We love you, God bless you

  • denise parkinson

    pastor donnie i just love you i talk about you all the time.i know that you are a man of god.and i thank you for your work that you are doing for god inspite of what you have gone through you held on to when i finish paying all my bills i had no money left.but here i am writing to you with a positive note.god bless you.please come back to jamaica soon

  • Benjamin Neequaye

    I just want to say God bless and your family for u have been a blessing to me

  • Bimbo

    Am inspired

  • Pris Roy

    I read a clip from COGIC Convention 11-09 and it was really about the blessing that was showered down on the just as well as the unjust. I want to say God has favored you for many years and those that don’t really know that shame on them. I last saw you at another convention in New York, for the Bibleway organization, I was sitting waiting for my brother to be Ordained and I count it a blessing to have been able to speak and to be spoken to, I know God knows the MAN that you are.

  • Zandi

    God is looking for a man who is after His own Heart(God). Men who can neither be bought nor sold, men who are not afraid to call sin by its name Pastor Mcclurkin you are one of them . I thank God for a man like you . May God sustain you and His counternance shine upone you till the battle is won . A sinful nind is hostile to God you wil always encounter people who will hate you for the light in you. They always reminded Christ that He was a son of a carpenter and they missed out on their salvation . I pity those who are walking around with your archived file , referring you to ur past than beholding the powerful works the Lord has done in you. Soldier on man of God continue being the light it is not in vain .God bless you.

  • jenni

    you are truly a man of God. I bless God for your life. ever so inspiring testimony. Keep up the good work sir.

  • obbo joacim

    am a praise and worship leader and am being inspired by PR.DONNIE’S SINGING MINISTRY AND Life.i would like him to be my mentor both musically and spiritually.thanks and be blessed

  • kelvin

    i just love the man and the way he sings and i want to learn more from him also to become his friend. i love to sing abt the man JESUS!




    Eu sou uma grande fã brasileira do Donnie, para mim ele é o maior, e melhor cantor que existe, e sinto a unção de Deus na vida dele….sonho um dia ve-lo e comprimenta-lo pessoalmente. I LOVE HIM!!!!

  • Dorcas SEKOATI

    Pastor DONNIE as I watch your Dvd I feel blessed to have it .. you’are a man with so much faith. I am in JOHANNESBURG. S.AFRICA. Your Dvd are scarce. I am looking forward to get …WE ALL ARE ONE.have started to be big fan. You have really changed my life, love you. God bless you. You,re in my prayers.

  • artie gaston

    Pastor Donnie i am so greatful to you first for allowing the lord to change you,and also sharing what God has giving you with others. i often see bigtime singer when they make it big they tend to forget about god but you have imbrassed him all the more. Your openness also has been a plus.People need to know that youre now beyound making mistakes. Ilisten to your music constsntly i sometimes listen to it to go to sleeep. I am a lover of music myself .i just want you to know that i think you are a awesome man of god a god is doing some awesome things in your life and in the lives of others through you.May God contintue to bless you and keep your eyes on god and never forget where you come from.

  • Lizzie Chandler Midway Fl Says

    Pastor McClurkin is the most inspirational pastor and singer that I’ve ever heard in this life. God is the head of P. McClurkin’s life. You can feel God’s anointing, you can see the light and the spirit of God in and around him in all that he does. You can see and feel the works of GOD THE ALMIGHTY WORKING IN AND AROURND HIM.

  • Niyi Akinyemi

    You’re obviously a man after God’s heart. There’s still much more to achieve if you follow God intimately. Don’t 4get ur plan (last yr during ‘EXPERIENCE’ in Lagos) for live recording in Nigeria.

  • Jennifer

    Pastor Donnie,you are a great blessing to me and my daughter. We love your music. Your testimony gives me strength and encouragement that we have a loving father in heaven who’s always ready to forgive and restore us.God bless you, your kid and your lovely sisters.

  • Janice B.

    I connect with Pastor McClurkin on so many levels. What’s interesting is that the actual experience of our life stories is different, but the residual feeling is the same. That sense of being violated, breached, trapped and devalued is the same. Mine was a result of physical and emotional abuse and a foreboding sense of threatening where I preceived there was no help and no way out. Pasor Donnie, your story opens the door to the many false gender identities so many of us have endured. I speak of the very masculine, I can do-it-all, I can conquer-it-all identity we as African American women have taken on in post slavery generations. It occurred to me that the rough-and-tough attitude, “I had to be mother and father” is a perversion. Somewhere in that thinking is a desire to inhabit the spaces of both man and woman, to be both man and woman, and ultimately compete with men at being a man. I could go into a long diatribe regarding this behavior, but anyone knowing the agressive behavior of Black women knows exactly what I’m talking about. I’m talking about gender distortion. I hope I am articulating this clearly. That tough exterior, angry African American masculinized women had become a cultural trend kin to survival. Today, I see it as a true perversion to womanhood. I don’t believe an independent woman has to be masculinized to be independent. Through your testtimony, God helped me see that kind of identity was not really me. It had been forced upon me as a cultural way to overt rejection and pain as a result of being abandoned in relationships wiht men. Somewhere I had exchanged tenderness for power and control. Somewhere when my dad left and I saw the anguish on my mother’s face, I declared, “I will never let this happen to me!” Somewhere I hardened my heart and cocooned the gentler, tender, loving part of myself. But without knowing it, I was losing my attributes as a woman. Today – that is not okay. My attributes as a woman are me. It makes me what I am. One day at a time and with the undeniable will of God, I allow my attributes, my real sefl, back into my life. Thank God. Thank you Pastor Donnie; thank you!

  • dee

    i am so blessed by his songs,but i wonder why he isnt married

  • Febi Mayfield

    Thank you for letting us know that if we mess up we can get up again ask God’s forgiveness and then move on. I am so blessed through your music and the song, “I will Trust you Lord” has really been ministering to my spirit.. I love your heart and God’s love that shines through your spirit.. Stay true to God and yourself. Peace, Love & Happiness.

  • Sikkim Carrae

    I think that Donnie’s Realness is refreshing, freeing, and a testament to the genuiness of the work and the power of Christ through the Holy Spirit!!!! And I agree wholeheartedly with him regarding music. Music is a spirit! It can move you, sway you, inspire you and provoke you! I’m glad he uses his giftings and talents for good and not evil. For God and not satan. For love and not selfishness. For helping and not hating!!!! You Go Boy!!!!!

  • Samuel Tapau

    i wish i could sing like you.

  • Terrance O’Broin

    Well – his pov about gays is borne from his upgringing in a hate-filled Christian ideology – nothing new there – but as far as I am concern it’s b.s. b/c there is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay. Gay is good, and God don’t make junk.. and nothing to be ashamed of or ‘ovrecome’ – if he looks into his heart he’ll see what’s there is a good ‘gay man’ on the path towards self discovery. His theology and that of other h8ers is filled with h8 and lies.

  • Sandy

    Powerful, beautiful, anointed Donnie McClurkin.

    Sorry for the horrible part of your life and in mine. Not just in both our youths, but still today we may get raped and plundered by the evil perpetrated upon us through deceptive individuals, not only physically, but mentally, emotionally, spiritually. I am thankful for the power into which God turned the evil that ravaged us both.

    I love you, I thank you, I need you, I pray for you, wonderful man of God. I am a singer/songwriter/recording artist/mother/sister/friend/poet/transgressor/redeemed/loser/anointed one of God. ..

    Look how God uses our pain to bring the passion, the power, the real. Keep on precious man of God. If we touch only one somebody, what a glory to God…

    I realize my words are inadequate, but I tried… I love you and pray for you continuously.


  • Alero Nanna

    You’ve been a blessing to me especially with the song ‘I’ve got my mind made up’. Your boldness is astonishing. I respect you for your down – to – earth style. Keep keeping on. One day, the Lord is going to tell you ‘thank you!’

  • Margarite

    I hadn’t a clue as to who this man was until a friend forwarded a controversial piece of his speach and wow…. then I searched him on the net and here I am…
    Blessings for he is what Jesus, our Lord commended us to be ~ children, obedient and always searching and glorifying for the loving father, our God.
    Praise ~ and Thank You ~

  • Melinda

    I only want to meet this great man and shake his hand. seen him on tv read so much about him but my greatest honour will be to shake his hand.

  • Pastor Mimi

    No matter what, you are truly a Man of God and am in love with you brother

  • Sophumelela Tshabalalala

    I thank you pastor for the great work that you do, your songs keep us alive in faith and in worshiping and giving praises to our lord and savior, may god keep blessing you in abundance… Much LOVE and Appreciatiation in JESUS NAME… AMEN

  • magali guarinoni

    I got my convertion 33 years ago (when I was 17) through Pentecostal hymns, and thank You, Lord, there are singers like Pastor Donnie. Really songs go deeply in our heart, music goes past the soul, music goes past the emotions and gets into the spirit… Go Pastor! Go! God is with you!

  • Sabrina

    I thank you donnie for just being who you are, a wonderful pastor. When I listen to your songs they just make’s my day. Especially the song (that,s what I believe) you are truly a blessing in my life. Because when I listen to your music I am so relax and feel better about life. Because the (Devil is lurking for save souls) You just get into the soul, I mean thats how you do it. I love you Donnie, I wish we could get you to sing at our church.( Wayland Baptist Church, The Friendly Church On The Corner). Baltimore

  • Shawn Dykes

    I feel so fortunate to be able to attend the “Perfecting The Music” conference” held in Charlotte N.C. today. Its an overwhelming sense of power that fills a room when TRUE men and women of God come together for an appointed purpose. The teachings and conversations discussed were excellent. As a singer\songwriter i can truly understand what its like to minister music that first ministers to you. And that is what you feel when you hear Mr. McClurkin minister. You FEEL what he is feeling. And the best part about the whole day for me is that went up, met him and shook his hand. Just saying thankyou from Next Level Ministries.

  • Milka njagi

    Hi pastor ur an inspirgtion 2 ma live !milka 4rm kenya

  • Leisha Dube

    Thank you Pastor Donnie for being a living testimony of God’s grace, His love and tender mercy. We need more men and women of God who can inspire us and spur us on in our wall with God. Through your testimony, Christianity has proven to be so real. Be blessed continually.

  • Bishop Tufail M Bazmi

    Greating in the name of Jesus christ,
    i am Bishop bazmi . I am 40 year old . I have a ministry in Pakistan lost 18 years i do the work of God in my dry cantry . I give the free study to the orphan children los 8 manth pls pray to me Jesus pravid thething. I am looking forvod plz reply soo . I like do the job for Jesus. Jesus coming .

  • Iwamoyo Kayode

    Pastor,if you are reading this,I don’t know how you got encouraged and got bounced back up but one thing I know is that the God who walked you out from the valleys to the holy hills will surely take me by His mighty hands to where I truly belong in grace and mercies. Pastor, I greatly appreciate God in your life and may God evermore be glorified in you and in me also,in Jesus name, Amen.

  • ketch

    Most people with same sex attraction did not become that way because they were raped! If he was raped at age 13, why would that make him attracted to men and wanting to have sex with them for 20 years? Now, since becoming attracted to women, does he have sex with them, or is he practicing abstinence? Amen, and the more power to him if it’s the latter.

    Re; the “love child” in 2000, why didn’t he marry the mother, and fulfill the needed role of being a father and supporting the mother financially?. It’s good to admit one’s failings, but to be sincere about it requires taking action to deal with the situation they’ve created.

  • Minister Allen

    Praise the Lord and Have Faith in God!

    Check out my ministry videos on youtube. Search for Minister Allen Presents The Truth. There are 11 videos and I pray that many are blessed!

  • Mia

    Hi i would like for Donnie to email me himself…….I Love his music and i am a christain also I am 42 year old female.

  • hlengiwe ntuli

    PASTOR DONNIE you have been an inspiration in my life,yo songs brings healing,comfort .Songs like GREAT IS YO MERCY,I CALL YU FAITHFULL,WE ALL FALL DOWN, makes me believe that all things are possible if you believe in GOD.Thanks for sharing yo life with us bc it shows us dat no matter what we’ve gone thru in our lives GOD is there to wipe our tears,remove our fears & provide comfort.I will really like to meet you someday,please come visit us in SOUTH AFRICA DURBAN ,God bless you.

  • Pastor SEKGWENG

    Pastor Donnie,
    I am a man of God who is continually praying for you. I know very well that many are watching you whom you will marry. I personally put it upon my shoulders as my major prayer point for God to give you a God fearing woman. While I know that many are watching so that they can tell whether you have made a good chose or not.God’s eye will be upon you for the rest of your life. God bless you sir!!!

  • Keisha Hardy

    I love when Christians are honest with GOD, themselves and people. Pastor McClurkin I thank God for you, your spirit and sharing your testimony. Many Blessings and Prayers, Keisha Hardy, Oh… when is your book coming.

  • Hope Hutchinson

    Pastor McClurkin ,
    continue to be true to who you are in Christ Jesus.You had to go through(the fire) all of THAT to become all of THIS (pure gold).Jesus is worth it.The now generation needs to know that there is still REAL christians out there.Keep on singing and smiling. God bless you always

  • John Paul Asava

    This is indeed a blessing message. Kindly but urgent let me know how i can share th above interview on email to a friend who has been historically been sexually violated over time and feels they cant go on with life. I am certain this will lift up their spirit. Amen. Thank you. God bless. John

  • angela fannis

    Regarding Pastor Donnie McClurkin, no one has the right to judge him. He is demonstrating over and over again that he loves the lord, he wants to serve the lord, he is serving the lord and he is certainly walking in Gods will and purpose for his life. He has answered Gods calling for his life. This is what matters. He has a relationship with the lord. He is a living testimony. He testifies that universily when ever he gets the opportunity. I had the opportunity and experience to attend Sunday service and bible studies at Perfecting Faith church Long Island N.YC where he Pastors. I only attended as a visitor but I felt like a member. Pastor Malini is a dynamic Preacher. His preaching had such an impact on me. As for Pastor West she has no idea who I am. I met her in the bathroom while washing my hand. She looked at me and gave me the most loving, caring smile. I felt such warmth coming from her.I do not know why but her smile had such an affect on me. For the first time in my life at age 51, I had finally felt loved accepted and acknowleged just by her smile it felt so sincere and authentic. Sad to say I have never received what pastor West gave me from my own mother till this day. Imagine I had to go up to her several days later and tell her pastor West you are such a nice spirit, and guess what followed next a big warm hug and smile from her, again which I have never received from my own mother.
    It left me feeling that Pastors Donnie’s church is a church which mission is prayer, seek and save the lost, as well as change lives. I strongly believe he wants his congregation to be prosperous. I can only tell Pastor Donnie to pray, stand and be strong, and wait on the Lord. The Lord will certainly see him through. I have to end by saying that I found the praise and worship at PFC awesome, powerful and dynamic. Worshiping with the church felt like a woman in travail calling on the to see her through, it was that powerful. I WOULD LIKE TO SAY TO EVERYONE ESPECIALLY HIS CRITICS. PLEASE VISIT PERFECTING FAITH CHURCH YOU WILL SEE THE GOD IN HIM ( PASTOR DONNIE) AND THE GOD IN HIS CHURCH. Angela Fannis