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Interview: David Gibson, author of THE RULE OF BENEDICT

David Gibson, author of THE RULE OF BENEDICT, discusses the differences between Pope Benedict XVI and John Paul II.

  • Ronald Kershaw

    This is encouraging because I just bought the book and I don’t want to hear another dissident vent about the Bishop of Rome.

  • Harold M. Frost, III

    In belated response to Mr. David Carter’s April 2008 video comments on the now Blessed (or Beatified) Pope John Paul II and on the current Pope, His Holiness Benedict XVI: I do not compare these two chief shepherds of the Catholic Church in their ways of serving as world spiritual leaders, rather I see them as concatenated links in the ancient progression of the chain of Supreme Pontiffs over the course of two millennia. That is, they are the 264th and 265th in the chronological list of Popes since St. Peter, the first Pope. So, if Pope John Paul II on a world stage put a both material and spiritual human face on Jesus the Christ, Pope Benedict XVI shines a light on the Face of Christ to which Pope John Paul II had given witness. Thus, Pope Benedict XVI further illuminates the meaning of this Face in and for this present age. Both of these great spiritual leaders have indicated that the key to seeing that light and understanding its meaning for all of us is the mother of Jesus, named Mary. Through her we can see the face of Jesus or of Christ, whatever our present religion and spirituality, whatever what we take as horizons of reality and truth. An example of this is provided by the January 6, 2001 Apostolic Letter of Pope John Paul II, Novo Millennio Ineunte, the full text of which is available for free in English translation at the Vatican web site. In this Letter, he writes of contemplation of the face of Christ within the context of a new evangelization beginning the new millennium. Pope Benedict XVI has followed up on this letter in many ways, such as quite recently with his leadership and participation in the just concluded XIII Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops at Vatican City State on this topic of a new evangelization of the Christian faith. In this context, views of both Supreme Pontiffs include the notion that whenever one of us gives his or her all to Mary, the great evangelizer known in the Americas as our Lady of Guadalupe who had appeared to St. Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin in Mexico in the 16th century, she gives to that one her most precious possession, her Son who is one Person with both divine and human natures. Both Popes have taught this “Totus tuus” frame of mind in writing and speaking on a faith in God that it is this One – Jesus — who saves us.