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Ron Johnson Jr.: Speaking Freely from the Pulpit

On September 28, more than 30 pastors around the country defied the Internal Revenue Service rule that clergy may not engage in partisan politicking from their pulpits. The project, called “Pulpit Freedom Sunday,” was organized by the Alliance Defense Fund, a Christian legal group that believes pastors have a constitutional right to preach about politics. The Fund will defend the local pastors against any repercussions from their sermons. One of the participating ministers was Rev. Ron Johnson Jr. of Living Stones Church in Crown Point, Indiana. Listen to an excerpt from his sermon and his explanation of why he was part of this project. Do you think clergy should be allowed to engage in politicking from their pulpits? Where are the lines? Leave a comment below.

  • tom

    Although, I do not believe that this pastor’s message or other messages about politics as it pertains to one’s biblical and moral stance and rights should be banned from the pulpit because of the constant misinterpretation of separstion of church and state. I do feel that the pulpit should focus upon the biblical message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we should take our cues from the way Jesus and the Apostles dealt with and addressed goverment and world concerns.

  • David Garza

    Pastor is right…it is time for the church to wake up. He is not talking about hateing anyone but simply that we as a nation should promote and enforce Gods law…Isnt that what Jesus did? Jesus stood up against laws that where wicked shouldnt we model him?

  • 1bigisland

    It seems to me that the laws/political/judicial/societal view are trying to make all of us become PC. PC is not a moral view but a compromising view of how to deal with right and wrong. It basically says, “Don’t rock the boat”, “Play the game”, “Go with the flow”. The reason time changed as we know it, is, because one man stood up to the wrongs of his day. He forgave when the letter of the “law” said stone her. Did he violate the “law”? No, in fact he gave true meaning to the law as it was being compromised. He showed compassion when almost everyone of his day trembled with rage at his display. The “law” was only an excuse for men to display their true characters towards each other in order to impress their colleagues. Political Correctness is neither forgiving or compassionate. This man’s name was LOVE! Not free love, not mushy love, not perverted love, not silly love, not hollywood love but sacrificing, displaying, selfless love.
    Why is America in trouble? It has evicted the only pure source of help; the Creator.

  • Joseph

    Very good, excellent commentary on PC and standing up for what we believe is right. Thank You.