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Kim Lawton: The Obama Administration’s Catholic Challenge

Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly managing editor Kim Lawton says there were indications this week of potential complications for the new Obama administration’s relationship with the Catholic Church, especially surrounding the issue of abortion.

  • Theresa

    Myself we are a nation of many different faiths and this country was founded on this. Being a Buddist I feel everyday we are looked at as different have no, real voice on what is going on in this country.
    My faith has put world peace and happiness before wars and etc. Other faiths have put going into other countries and tring to change them. Instead of looking all mankind.
    We did this when this country was becoming a country. We did it to the Amercian Indians and the Mexican’s that were living in the west. Because the Christina faith is always right and nothing can change that. Which isn’t true. Their chruchs are very white and no, one of another color is allord in the doors of their chruch. White chruches are very races and etc…..Sense our President Bush and his Merry Men have made it so much worst for Amercian’s of all races too