• Riley

    The public is not aware of how the system starting with the dectives,how they take young suspects keep them isolated from their parents, juvenile officers, and or legal help, & interogate them alone. Scared and alone some never dealing with the law before are easily intimadated. Those with older codefendants are not only intimadated by the police but the older ones involved with the crime. They dont have a chance at justice if they are not free and secure in telling the truth having legal help during questioning is a requirement of prop.21 but the law officals do not do as they say and certainly do not follow the rules. A mother with a young girl fighting life in California. Dectives isolated her and let older codefendant intimadate her during guestioning. Later telling me they knew it was not her crime! My God that’s my child they are taking away not some thug or killer gang member but my 16 year old girl.Rileyj240