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Harry Jackson: Concerned about Social Issues

Bishop Harry Jackson, pastor of Hope Christian Church in Beltsville, Maryland and chairman of the High Impact Leadership Coalition, gives his assessment of President Barack Obama’s first 100 days. He describes his disappointment with how Obama has handled what he calls the “life” issues, his hope to see more outreach to conservative evangelicals, and his concern about the spread of legalized gay marriage, including a preliminary District of Columbia City Council vote to recognize gay marriages performed in other states.

  • David Scott

    Rev. Jackson means well but is misguided on both women’s rights to abortion and his discriminatory and exclusive ideas on same-sex marriage. Why would any Christian disparage any human relationship that encourages commitment and loyalty between people who love one another? Doesn’t our society need all of these two qualities that we can get? Has he got a monopoly on LOVE? Where does he get the authority to define love? No wonder Christianity is becoming irrelevant.

  • Sherry Crosson

    I support the Bishop. He gets his authority to define marriage between a man and a woman from GOD’s word. As far as womans rights, you could not truly understand as you are a man. What gives any human being the right to kill an innocent baby that cannot speak for itself? Chrisitanity will never become irrelevant.

  • Al Harvey

    Dear Rev. Jackson,
    It is your right to not support equal marriage, but no one is forcing you to preside over such marriages. By the same token you should not deny equal marriage to those who seek it. For a man and a woman to get married there is no religious requirement. Therefore you cannot and should not disallow same gender marriages. I thought we did away with all that when the Supreme Court nullified state laws against mixed race marriages. At the time many states and many people believed that mixed race marriages were sinful. Today it seems ridiculous to think of banning such marriages along with “rest rooms for whites only,” but not back in those days in many places. In years to come our young people will look back upon this issue and ask themselves, “what was that all about?” Do you want people to look back at this history of continued bigotry with disgust or do you want to be a leader like Martin Luther King who stood up against bigotry and support equality for human beings, gays as well? Equal marriage will come! It already is and will continue to grow. Like mixed race marriage it may take the Supreme Court to make it legal in all 50 states but it WILL come to pass, despite all the fire and brimstone. “We will overcome [prejudice]!” By the way did you know that the Bible supports slavery in a few places?

    Thanks for listening.

  • Byrd

    I think that what two adults do is their business, however, I also feel that marriage should be consider man & women. Don’t put children in the mix of your choice of life style this was your choice not theirs!!!!

  • Leon

    Dear Rev Jackson,
    We need to understand that the history of this country is one of increasing inclusion in freedom. When this country started the founder’s freedoms were only intended to apply to persons who were propertied, white, protestant, and male. Through over 2 centuries of great suffering and sacrifice, it has expanded to include women, racial,ethnic, and religious minorities. This expansion of freedom often occurred in the face of popular opposition. We know from our history that the popular sentiment is not always right, or just. Given this history, reasons for denying freedom to others for religious reasons or otherwise, flies in the face of our progress as a free country.
    For the first time in our history, Proposition 8 took away a freedom from a group, the freedom to marry that had been hard won by the gay sexual minority. If that can happen this group, what’s to stop it from happening to another minority.
    If history is not enough to convince you, then try living according to the universal principles expressed in the new dispensation, rather than Old Testament tribal taboos. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

  • John Hurt

    Can anyone who opposes the Bishop please give me a list of benefits from gay marriage to society? For example, the benefits of legal, funded abortion are not proving true for the aging Baby Boomers. The generation (who suffered the full brunt of abortion) following the Boomers, do not have a work force to equal the size of social security recipients as represented by the large number of Boomers. Gee, have the chickens come home to roost? Japan sees the same future, and using billboards, have begun to encourage husbands to stop being workaholics, go home and make babies.

  • Hugh (Bart) Vincelette

    Someone mentions “God`s word`. Well, let`s take a quick glance at that. None of the Bible was written in English, & it is widely recognized that the innumerable translations, even since Jerome; have changed according to social & political facts of the day. Be that as it may; the most common biblical reference to marriage, is to polygamy. And, not condemning it. To the uninformed: homosexuality is about love; not lust. What benefits of same-sex marriage? It gives validity to human beings and the right described in the Declaration of Independence ; to “the pursuit of happiness”. For years, America was the torchbearer for equality, justice, and liberty. That honor is now lost forever.