Shaun Casey: The Making of a Catholic President

Shaun Casey, author of THE MAKING OF A CATHOLIC PRESIDENT: KENNEDY VS NIXON 1960, talks with Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly managing editor Kim Lawton about religion’s role in the 1960 presidential race, the extent of anti-Catholic activity, Kennedy campaign strategies, the involvement of Billy Graham, and parallels between Kennedy and Obama.


  • Tom Niemeier

    I can see that Graham might have a meeting to promote Nixon support but I have a hard time thinking the meeting was anti-Catholic. Looks like a subjective conclusion on Casey’s part to substantiate his viewpoinnt.

  • Eugene Pistorese

    While I will agree with Tom that Casey’s conclusions and his evidence are contextualized to match his views, everyone does some of that contextualizing no matter how we may try not to, Billy Graham was a Baptist. Being Baptist in the 60s, and even into the present day in some places, usually meant being anti-Catholic since nearly all Baptists, and many other Protestants, believed that the Roman Catholic Church was “the Great Whore” described in the book of Revelations. It is not a stretch for me to believe that Graham was anti-Catholic. That he also was apparently a political opportunist who was willing to misrepresent himself is sad, and I hope that Casey was overstating the point about calling Johnson.

  • Jalane Schmidt

    The anti-Catholic tenor of this Switzerland meeting is not a figment of Casey’s imagination, but rather a well-documented fact: