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Heidi Litle: The Loss of a Daughter

Heidi Litle, an American Baptist living with her family in Haifa, describes losing her 14-year-old daughter in a suicide bombing in 2003 and how that affects her view of the peace process.

  • Janet Carlen

    Very Inspirational…. Thank you for a wonderful story of faith in action.

  • Jerusha Myers

    Brief but powerful! This family will be in my prayers!

  • Danelle34

    Losing a child would be a horrific event but this is not our home and our children in truth belong to the Lord. God gives us such a loving and protective heart for our children but yet He loves and protects more than anyone. Thank you Heidi for sharing your faith and for understanding the hearts of men for what they are and what they can be.

    One day we will all be united with our Creator and the wickedness, the hate, the carelessness, the cruelty, the lies, and even war will be no more.

    Bless you sister.

  • Phil Brewer

    “I think that Israel should be allowed to defend herself from the hate that is being poured out on her.”

    I don’t dispute the right of self defense, but unless you take a look with seeing eyes at why Israel is the object of such hate, your daughter will have truly died in vain. Israel’s abuse of the Palestinian people is such that their only recourse to defend themselves is through acts of violence that strike at the heart of Israeli society. Look at the maps, just look at the maps and you will begin to understand what is happening in the occupied territories.

  • Phil Alanian

    “Your daughter will have died in vain?” What?! Are you saying that this act of terror was somehow justified in order to get people to notice the unfairness of Israel toward the Palestinian people? Nothing could be further from the truth. Terror and murder are never justified to expose a wrong, or what is thought to be a wrong of society. Murder is only sanctioned by God in the case of the death penalty and in His final judgment on the wicked who oppose His will. God’s promise to Abraham and henceforth to Israel still stands that Israel will be given all of the land over which the Messiah will eventually reign. The fact that so many groups are laying claim to that land today shows that Messiah has not yet come and that God’s final will has not been manifest. It certainly will in time. The Palestinians should be thankful that Israel has given them any place in the Land whatsoever especially in view of how certain of their number have been grievously mistreating their host.