Health Care Reform: Religious Leaders Lobby Congress

Grassroots religious leaders attending the recent “No Recess for Reform” prayer breakfast and press conference on Capitol Hill spoke with Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly about their nationwide faith-based campaign urging Congress to pass health care reform legislation this year. Watch Rev. Jennifer Thomas of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Kansas City, Missouri; Rev. Drew Nettinga of San Lorenzo Community United Church of Christ in San Lorenzo, California; Rev. Heyward Wigginsof Camden Bible Tabernacle Church in Camden, New Jersey; and Rev. Stevie Wakes of Olivet Institutional Baptist Church in Kansas City, Kansas.

  • Dan Harper

    this is so incredibly dishonest and it is a total sham that PBS pretends to be the voice of the intelligent progressive. John Conyers and Dennis Kucinich 2 of the most progressive democrats in the house say this health care bill is a sham. It is not right wing movements. this bill is simply a way to raid the medicare fund and increase payroll taxes on the worker (not investor). it gives no new rights or even health care at all to the uninsured but helps to work out a deal with the insurance companies. it is a huge corporate welfare program that no true progressive supports. most of all it is NOT single payer health care where everyone has insurance period. clean yourself up PBS you are covered in OIL.

  • joe dupont

    When Obama ran against Hillary he stated that the difference between him and Ms. Clinton was that she was for mandatory health insurance and he wasn’t. When Rep. Joe Wilson called Obama a liar
    he should have referred to this major issue.
    Forcing the public to by a product is not the role of the government. If they want to tax us more across the board for social programs that is one thing. This is nothing new. But to force us to
    spend money on mandatory health insurance so that we can no longer afford to eat heathy foods is a form of economic slavery with the result of a sicker nation.