• Louis Toscano

    The Gaithers may have written some good songs; but those songs do not belong in hymnals because they are pop, not sacred. Being partial to liturgical traditions, I do not believe their songs belong in worship, especially when they have so much other exposure.

  • Kathy Rigdon

    Dear Gaither Vocal Band,
    I have been so blessed by your home comings, especially the one in Australia. The anointing comes through and I am
    lifted up as I daily listen to your dvds. I even listen to them while drifting off to sleep at night. I really love the Everything
    Good project. Please dont ever stop this ministry as long as you can possibly be able to continue, and then i hope
    someone will be able to carry on after that. I have been truly been blessed and lifted up by your ministry.
    God Bless.
    Kathy Rigdon, Ga.

  • Leda Carmody

    Mr. Toscano is rather limited in his inspirational music choices. If you can’t praise God, during He Touched Me, you may not know God.

  • betty rohn

    i have been truly blessed by all the Wonderful GOSPEL music