Immigration Reform: Faith Community Must Lead

Faith leaders are joining forces to re-energize the push for comprehensive immigration reform.  At a September 22 event organized by the Center for American Progress, Los Angeles Roman Catholic Cardinal Roger Mahony and Rabbi Jack Moline, director of public policy for the Rabbinical Assembly, urged new religious activism on the issue.

  • Dyto

    Real immigration reform will be good for the economy of our country.legalising the undocumented population will show the world that USA is a nation of law and immigrants, there’s no place for an underclass in America. not all undocumented immigrants need to become US citizens, however, all we need to provide for them is a mean for the to remain in the country legally and be able to travel to go and see their family that they leave behind for such a long time, let’s say we provide them with a Five-year renewable K visa that cost $1000 and later after renewing it twice they can seek their green card.

  • AndiMedi

    We need to get past the people hostile to immigration and immigrants in order to solve our current immigration problems. We have been trying to suppress immigration rather than regulate it. By focussing our attention on keeping people out, keeping people down, and making more legal immigrants here illegal, we have reduced our control over the whole process. That’s bad for immigrants in a number of ways, but it’s bad for us non-immigrants in a number of ways too. Faith leaders can and are providing superb leadership in busting holes in the dehuminizing arguments of the antis and showing that following the hotheads in the law and order crowd have led us to less law, less order, and frankly, less justice.

  • joanna martinez

    Mexicans should be allowed in the united states. They are the one’s that work they pay for taxes.
    they deserve to be here in be able to go back to Mexico to visit their families they have left back home. They do come to the United States to have a better future !!!!!!!!