Prayer Rally: Muslims Gather at the US Capitol

On Friday September 25, an estimated 3,500 Muslims from around the country gathered on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol to “pray for the soul of America.”  The event, organized by the Dar-ul-Islam mosque in Elizabeth, NJ, was intentionally non-political.  Watch highlights of the Muslim prayer rally.

  • David

    I noticed in the video that the men were on the the White House lawn praying and the women someplace else until after. As an atheist I suppose I’ll never be organized on the White House lawn as a group, expounding tenets of seeking rational ways of solving human problems. Nor will I ever be elected to office as an atheist, but I actually might stand a better chance as a Muslim.

  • Craig

    David: God gave man a brain and the ability to think rationally. He expects us to use it to solve our problems. Prayers of faith can make up for what we lack, but they certainly aren’t fairy dust. As for athiests, God loves us all whether we recognize Him or not.

  • Sarah


    Salaam Alakum (Peace be upon you)

    I am a women and am proud to say that I attended the Jummah Prayer (Congressional Prayer). I’d like to clarify the the women were not “someplace else until after” We were praying next to our brothers. If you notice, the men were being filmed from the back. As a form of respect for our sisters, we were not being filmed to protect our modesty. Both men and women are allowed to pray. In fact, Islam gave women rights long before any society did.

    Don’t rely on the news outlets for your information on Islam or get confused with some cultures as being Islam. i.e. Afghani women prohibited from going to school. Being learned is our God given right AND obligation upon all human beings.

    I saw other media outlets covering this story and confirmed their lack of knowledge on Islam. One stated that they were “suprised to see little or no Arab Muslims” Islam is a universal religion and is meant for all humanity. It is not exclusive to the Arabs or the Middle Easterns. This event proved that! Just take a look at the diversity.

    As Craig stated, God gave man a brain and the ability to think rationally. Don’t let others think for you.

    May Allah guide us all.

  • Malikah

    As Salaam Aliakum (Peace be unto you) I was blessed to attend Jum’mah on Capital Hill. What an awesome experience for me & my family. To comment more on what Sis. Sarah said, in the Deen of Al Islam, the muslim sisters are always protected and sheild. The sisters in Al Islam are protected from the pentetrating looks of viewrs.That is why we were not seen on the video. Nevertheless,we have a very active role in our religion. Insha Allah (GOD Willing), I’m praying that this will be the beginning of something new that will take place again. May Allah continue to bless the Muslim Community, The Christian Community and The Jewish Community all over the world. May we all learn to live in unity and peace remmembering that we all came from Adam & Eve. Peace and Oneness.
    Twyla Malikah
    from The Masjid Of Islamic Brotherhood
    Imam Abdur Talib Abdur Rashid

  • Jean Roy

    separation of church and state?

  • John L Mendez

    @Sarah: PLSE do not buy into the satanic lie that “Islam gave women rights long before any society did.”

    FYI: Allah was a false moon idol long before Satan reworked it into ‘God.’ The only One True God is God of Israel, the God of the Bible, the Almighty Everlasting Holy Creator Most High in Heaven: the Ancient of Days – Jesus Christ, the Narrow Gate into the Kingdom of God.

  • drogy

    Yes, women are so special they receive stoning for them! And David you do realize Muslims teach convert or be killed. Which way do you plan to survive? Jesus is the one true way.