November 27, 2009: “A Just and Sustainable Recovery”

Watch David Beckmann, president of the Bread for the World Institute; Robert Greenstein, executive director of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities; and Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr, president of the Hip Hop Caucus, discuss how the economic recovery plan must create green jobs that will increase environmental sustainability and decrease poverty.

  • Dee

    In many ways the horrible ‘bubble’ popping was as much to blame on the attempt to create “justice” through economic policy–”selling” homes to people who can’t afford them on the belief that it’s “just” for people to own their own homes regardless of their ability to pay and selling these homes with 100% financing is just absurd.

    If you want a ‘just’ recovery, then spend money on education–not only schooling but also through teaching self-reliance rather than government reliance. Spend money encouraging small businesses in all areas and stop forcing business overseas through hyper “green” initiatives and taxation that make it impossible for businesses to be sustainable financially.

    I’m so sick of the call for ‘green jobs’- the hype that Rev. Yearwood puts forth, based not on CURRENT knowledge of climate science but on fear tactics is another canard. Pour money into creating ‘green jobs’ (most of which will be government jobs).

    The most promising industry for green jobs, in my opinion, one that could truly add to private sector jobs and re-energize inner city blight–is via the algae oil industry. This is the most promising and ‘shovel’ ready gasoline alternative; yet do you EVER hear the government talk about it? No-I guess there aren’t any lobbyists yet–all we hear is wind and solar, but the technology to do those things cheaply isn’t there, and wind and solar are also dependent on location/weather. Algae oil is identical to fossil fuel oil to our car’s engines, so NO INFRASTRUCTURE CHANGES required. It can be grown anywhere–in buildings–so algae producing ‘factories’ could be placed in currently blighted areas, such as Detroit, where unemployment is horrendous, thus creating jobs in the production industry as well as bringing economic recovery to the areas’ adjunct industries (restaurants, stores, etc.) as a now solvent worker group has money to spend, and so on.

    Yet, no one ever talks about it, except oh, yeah, Sapphire Energy ( spoke before congress and also proved algae oil’s ability to fly planes, but nothing–why? Because our legislators don’t really seem to care about fixing the problem, only growing their own power over our lives.