Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

Watch Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly managing editor Kim Lawton’s January 13, 2010 interview about Martin Luther King Jr. with Cheryl Sanders, professor of Christian ethics at Howard University School of Divinity and senior pastor at Third Street Church of God in Washington, DC:


  • Soncerae Nielsen

    I like that..the poor are the barometer of recovery..Amen!
    Forthright and clearly spoken..”war no more!” amen to that too!!

  • Maureen Gribbroek

    And I agree with you, Soncerae! It has been so revealing to ponder what Dr. King expressed so long ago, linking capitalism, racism and militarism. I believe the man was truly a prophet, speaking truth to power. “As you do to the least of them, you do to me!”

  • D. Meadows

    I do believe that King was commited non-violence philosophically–but I also think that that position tends to caricature. After bringing the movement to the North, I believe we see a more radicalized King who sensed that on some level an un-critical non-violence would not suffice in all situations.