Rowan Williams: Theology and Economy

Watch excerpts from Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams’s recent remarks at Trinity Church Wall Street on building an ethical economy. Video courtesy of of Trinity Wall Street.

  • Janice

    We are trustworthy to the extent we are selfless. Archbishop Williams captures one of the essential truths of Christ’s light.

  • George

    It’s about time someone in the Christian community has said something about this economic crisis and how it’s affecting so many. Though I believe Williams is being too apologetic about all this. As far as I’m concerned, I’m mad as hell for our respective clergies for not standing up and raising their voices with anger for the injustices our government and Wall St. has perpetrated on the American people. Rich Warren, the daring of the Evangelicals has,as far as I know, said nothing-
    as if Capitalism, greed, and our dysfunctional government has nothing to do with the well being of the American people. This, among other reasons is why I will never believe in any Religion