Roy Haynes: Live at Twelfth Baptist Church

This month legendary jazz drummer Roy Haynes turns 85 and celebrates his birthday with a string of performances at the Blue Note in Greenwich Village. Watch him playing in January 2004 at Twelfth Baptist Church in Roxbury, Massachusetts at a service to honor Martin Luther King Jr. He was introduced by his brother, the Rev. Michael Haynes, who is now the church’s pastor emeritus.

  • linda mcgilvray

    Thanks for this piece about Roy Haynes. As a friend of mine says “jazz is an endangered species.” This creative American art form really deserves attention. . . Many churches are now having jazz vesper services on Sunday afternoons. What a delightful idea. Certainly an improvement over some of the obnoxious pop type music used in some services today. Let’s encourage quality . . . Many composers have written jazz masses and cantatas that are uplifting. (Dave Brubeck for one). We want to make sure the next generation hears music of substance instead of the shallow, bombastic & caterwauling stuff that is sometimes showcased. Thanks for your enlightening program.

  • Leon Berton

    MASTERFUL!!! The Lord must be smiling…

  • Adrian DeVore

    God was shining down on him. Beautiful!

  • Barbara Baucom

    God sure blessed him with talent. And when he was coming back down into the congregation he appeared to be so humble. Talent and humble – God can sure use people like that. May be richly bless your church.

  • Clayton Cameron

    I am counting my blessings and Mr. Haynes is one of them

  • Perry A. Wilson

    Mastery is always a Pleasure to watch and witness.

  • Gregory T.Barrett

    Speechless. If god does not call my number at that age I will be playing too. Thanks Roy. Love you.

  • Thomas J.DeSantis aka TommyDe

    Wow Now that is what IT IS! I would sure love to take some drum lessons from this master drummer