Thomas Reese Extended Interview

Watch more of our conversation with Father Thomas Reese, SJ, senior fellow at Georgetown University’s Woodstock Theological Center, on the Catholic Church, sexual abuse, divisions over health care reform, and questions about the church’s moral authority.

  • Joe McCarthy

    Thank you for placing this scandal in perspective. Eggregious conducts against children has never been accepted by anyone. The idea of Bishops owning up to errors is something I had not considered. What a refreshing idea, Fathre Reese, you made great points on culpability and responsibility, my hope is the faithul are not so dieheartmed. The beauty and truth, which has been faithfully voiced by the Catholic Church is lost on this obsurdity of values, by the many, that Father is distirbing. I will give testament, I am not naiive I have been a part of Catholicsm for 60+ years. I have been in community, associtaed with,knew and know great men of faith who find this as disturbing as we, the faithful share in outrage.In our rich tradition of faith, May God be with you.