Stanley Carlson-Thies Extended Interview

The fight is not over whether faith groups are subject to the law, says the president of the Institutional Religious Freedom Alliance, “because they are subject to whatever the law is, which in many cases makes this exception for them. The question is should this exception be allowed to continue?”

  • Jez Manto

    I really liked the analogy that the issue is what motives the group, it is not about converting people. People who use these ervices also hae the choice of leaving if they feel offended, and use a non-faith based service. Charity is a large component of most faith based people, as well as a standard of integrity. Great good has been done by faith based groups. Who will pick up the loss of services if these groups discontinue? Besides meeting needs, these groups attempt to offer love and hope, meeting emotional needs that are needed by this hurting world.

    By cutting funds to faithbased groups, they are being discriminated against – and the paying feild will have to be leveled for ALL groups who have a like minded foundation for their group.