Archbishop Desmond Tutu Extended Interview

“Hoping against hope even when things are really rough—that’s what carried us during our days of our struggle, knowing that this is a moral universe,” says Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Watch more of correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro’s interview with him about post-apartheid South Africa.


  • Helen Seager

    What does the PRINT button on the extended interview pages mean? We used to be able to PRINT TRANSCRIPTS of important interviews like that with Tutu. I don’t want to view it — I ‘ve already seen enough to know that I want to READ the whole thing. several times perhaps. And not off a computer scteen.

    If you consider dropping transcripts an “improvement”, you are mistaken.

    Please tell me how to get a copy IN PRINT of the Tutu extnded interview and the Psalm extended interview.

    I invite people who agree with me to speak up — so that they know we care.

    Helen Seager

  • Eileen Terran

    Yes, I agree with Helen Seager! I was looking for a way to PRINT the TRANSCRIPT of this interview. No luck. Am I missing something? I clicked on PRINT and got a 3-line description of the VIDEO.

    Does this change have a pecuniary motive??? If so, SHAME on you!

  • Kathleen Beardsley

    I agree! I watch your show faithfully — no pun intended! I’ve heard the interview. What I want is a printed copy of the extended interview — Please!