Pamela Greenberg Extended Interview

Watch more of producer Susan Goldstein’s interview about the psalms with poet and writer Pamela Greenberg, whose new book, The Complete Psalms: The Book of Prayer Songs in a New Translation (Bloomsbury, 2010), is being praised for its literary beauty.

  • Kristin Morris

    I sought out the Psalms in the same way and for much of the same reason as Ms. Greenburg recently, and, since I am no Hebrew scholar, was thrilled to find her book on the shelf of our local bookstore while there recently and picked up a copy to help me in my study. I love it. She has truly brought to the body of translations a fresh voice, and hearing this interview and seeing her makes it that much more special. Thank you.

  • Mercile Pierce

    Where can the book be bought?

  • Dennis Fischman

    You can purchase it at, among other places.

  • K C Stall

    What an excellent, eloquent interview. Thank you!