Andrew Bacevich: American Power and Military Policy

Watch excerpts from correspondent Kim Lawton’s August 5, 2010 interview with Andrew Bacevich, professor of history and international relations at Boston University, retired US Army colonel, and author, most recently, of “Washington Rules: America’s Path to Permanent War” (Henry Holt). They spoke at the Center for a New American Security in Washington, DC.


  • Michael

    As a Catholic and an American, I truly wish someone would listen to this honest, devoted and extremely intelligent man!!

    He doesn’t make arguments, he speaks facts!

    Thank you Mr. Bacevich!

  • Lichen I

    I have heard Andrew Bacevich interviewed several times
    He as my premier choice to be President of the United States

  • Jerald

    Ditto Lichen’s remarks!

  • Beth

    Facts seem to be of no use in the United States, such a shame.

  • j. banda

    Lots of truth in Mr. Bacevich’s comments, unfortunately for those of us that agree with him, we are living the good life thanks to the US Government shennanigans around the World.