Ethics and Iraq

As major combat operations come to an end and the US completes a troop drawdown in Iraq, revisit interviews from the past eight years with ethicists, philosophers, scholars, and religious leaders about just war and the moral issues raised by Iraq. Edited by Fabio Lomelino.


  • Channah

    I do have feelings and worry about one group of Iraqis–those who worked for, and helped, the coalition. It is like Vietnam, all over again. We leave and they are left to suffer at the hands of those we fought against.

    There should be no doubt there will be a civil war once all coalition troops are gone. Sunni against Shia, and the strongest will win-this being the Shia, as they outnumber the Sunni. And, they want revenge for what Saddam and the Sunni did to them. The ones who fought by the coaltion will be fodder for both sides.

  • Tom

    George Weigel and the promoters of the Iraq War have been proven wrong. There were and never had been weapons of mass destruction.Their short-sighted and narrow focus have contributed to the destruction of Iraq. The follow-up has been sheer chaos not only in Iraq been in our own country as we’ve followed former Secretary of State Powell’s dictum “if you break it, you must fix it.” These people should be roundly denounced.