Rev. Soritua Nababan: Please Don’t Burn the Quran

News of a Florida church’s plans to burn Qurans on the anniversary of 9/11 has provoked outrage across the Islamic world. The Organization of the Islamic Conference has issued a special alert among its 57 member nations. The Dove World Outreach Center, an independent nondenominational church in Gainesville, has proclaimed September 11 “International Burn a Quran Day.” Several American faith groups, including the National Association of Evangelicals, have urged the church to cancel its event. Christian minorities in predominantly Muslim countries are also speaking out, asserting that the plan could further endanger their already-vulnerable communities. Watch the reaction of Rev. Soritua Nababan, a leader of the Protestant Christian Batak Church in Indonesia and one of the top Asian representatives at the World Council of Churches.


  • Fearful?

    We can burn the American flag or a Bible here in America. This does not result in a huge reaction here and if someone does react the Supreme court upholds that right and we here in America essentially allow it. However we are afraid because those in Islam will kill others to express there hate for those that disagree with them. Yes this will result in killing around the world as Muslims react. What is the greater evil? Those who kill…..

  • Channah

    If a minister is so callous and so full of hate that he advocates buring another’s religous book, no one can talk him out of it. These evangelical fundalmentalists scare me. They are, to me, the worst of the worst and do nothing but push hate and bigotry.

  • Chris Hamilton

    The IGNORANCE and blind hate of Muslims is unbelievable. I have taught hate and extremist groups courses in universities for over 20 years. I have not seen this kind of deliberately blind ignorance and hate about all members of a religion, nothing to compare it to, since the bizarre racist hate wave against the Japanese during World War II. GET THIS: The Muslim world sees the incarnation of the word of God the Quran JUST LIKE the Catholics see the incarnation of the word of God

  • Rose

    This example of hate filled Christians (fortunately) is not the norm but in fact a very small % of Christians in America. Too bad this type makes the news! We other Christians need to speak out against this type of religious hatred to show the world that most of us are not like them not do we wish to be!

  • Chris Hamilton

    To Fearfull, and others like her

    I have taught religion and politics, and also extremist and hate groups in universities for 20 years. I have something to say about this. It is NOT about burn the Bible vs burn the Quran… YOU DON’T GET IT YET.

    Here is the explanation: Just like Catholics actually believe that the Pope is the LIVING INCARNATION of the will, the word of God on earth and is infallible SO EXACTLY THE SAME the Muslims believe that the Quran is the LIVING INCARNATION of the will, the word of God on earth and is infallible. WHAT DO YOU THINK THE CATHOLIC RESPONSE WOULD BE IF MUSLIMS CAPTURED AND BURNED THE POPE ALIVE ? Please do not show your ignorance. Because this is exactly the thinking of the Muslim when you burn the Quran.

    JESUS IS TELLING YOU TO STOP THIS HATE THINKING OF YOURS: ““I say to you listen, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you….If anyone strikes you on the cheek, offer the other also…If anyone takes away your coat, give him your shirt as well….If you love only those who love you, what credit is that to you?…Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.”

    It is impossible to take anyone who continues to believe what you say as a Christian.

  • mar

    it is wrong. if you believe those who follow the quran are doomed to hell, is it not your job in your faith to reach out to them? burning the quran is not reaching out in peace. the church followers should question the pastor’s actions. why would they follow a man filled with such hate? men of the cloth will be judged more harshly than the followers. be sure this man you are following is truly a man of God. he sure isn’t sounding like one.

  • Ken Naugle

    Chris Hamilton
    It sounds to me like you have actually read the Sermon on the Mount!? Maybe even Matt 25:30-46!? Although I find the old WWJD a bit trite at times, perhaps the real question is not what we should do so Christianity wins, but what we should do in light of the teaching of the Master we claim to serve.

    I for one am too busy picking all those danged splinters out of my eyes to worry about how others I don’t even know yet are faring. Besides, to say ALL MUSLIMS are … is just as simple minded as saying ALL CHRISTIANS are … Get to know a few. Walk a mile in their shoes. Then we can talk.

    It sounds to me like Chris has done this. More need to.

  • r00t-Egy

    In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

    Islam means peace, the word Islam is from Allah’s noble name and character (Al-salam) as He said in noble Quraan (-59-23/ He is Allah beside whom none has the right to be worshipped but He, the King, the Holy, the One free from all defects “the peace”), then Allah ordered all believers to follow the path of peace by saying (-2-208/ O you who believe! Enter perfectly in Islam “Peace”) “by obeying all the rules and regulations of the Islamic Religion” and follow not the footsteps of Satan, verily! He is to you an open enemy)
    Islam is Peace for Mankind

    Islam has ordered all human beings to spread peace, as It holds the key to mankind security and happiness, prophet Mohammed (s.a.w) said (O people, spread peace among you), so he addressed all people, not only Muslims, and he preferred the one who started the greeting with peace, as he (s.a.w.) said (the best of you is the one who starts greeting his friend with salam “Peace”).

    Islam rejects such acts, since it forbids killing of civilians even during times of war, especially if they are not part of the fighting. A religion that views people of the world in such a way cannot in any sense condone such criminal acts, which require that their perpetrators and those who support them are held accountable. As a human community we have to be vigilant and careful to preempt these evils.

    “the ink of the scholar is worth more than the blood of the martyr” – Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

    Allah = Peace , Peace The Most Beautiful Names of Allah . … I think that Christianity a religion of peace as well

    I Dream to “stop islamophobia”
    I Dream to “see all People live in peace”
    I hobe that Wise people “Stop Burn Quran Day”

    Peace for all

  • Samuel Williams

    I am a relgious fundamentalist. I am not bigoted.

    This plan by a Florida Minster is self promotion at the cost to other Christians. That is not a true Christian action. I do not know a single christian in my church who would support this kind of action and I know for sure my denomination would oppose it. So I condemn this action in the strongest terms.

    But it also points out that many Muslims do not respect the rights of other people. For the actions of some one in Florida they intend to kill Christians in their country who had nothing to do with this sacrilege. How is that fair or right. I agree stop Burn Quran day. But should we not also call on Muslims to stop murdering Christians?

    As mentioned here Muslims oppose both. I pray that those who oppose both will be the winners.

  • Tim

    Please Dont Burn the Koran —

    We in Gainesville are appalled by this Terry Jones and his self serving attempts to draw attention to himself. We are working towards a peaceful stand against Dove World church and taking a stand towards religious freedom and tolerance which are two of the founding principles of this country.

    Please help us get the word out that we are not represented by this man or his church.

    Click to and sign our petition. He has the right to burn whatever he wants and we can’t control his behavior, but it is still important to show where we stand.

  • UntetheredSteph

    Please Don’t Burn The Koran!
    To stand up against this extremism in Florida, we are gathering signatures from people with the goal of providing a powerful voice for the community. City and community leaders will deliver the petition to Pastor Terry Jones prior to his 9/11 event. Regardless of what he ultimately does, it is our obligation as a community to be on record that we stood up together and requested that he abandon his plans to burn the Koran. Please sign the petition online and help us to distribute it to others everywhere:

  • Mary

    Chris Hamilton,

    Your analogy is lacking because you do not provide an accurate portrayal of how Catholics view the Pope. They do not see the Pope as the incarnation of the Word of God; Jesus takes that role. The Pope is understood to be human and a sinner, and infallible ONLY in matters of faith and morals, and ONLY when he deliberately speaks in the full authority of his office so as to define a dogmatic teaching (which has happened only 3 times in the Church’s 2000-year history). In those cases, that infallibility is not something that comes from him, but from the Holy Spirit, Who will not allow the Pope to lead the Church into dogmatic error. In short, the Pope isn’t infallible because he’s always right; he’s infallible because the Holy Spirit won’t let him dogmatically define error as coming from God. By contrast, I think you meant to show that Muslims don’t merely look upon the Quran as having no error, but in fact as being positively “God-breathed,” containing all truth.

    But this is not the same as calling the Quran an “incarnation” of the Will of God! By destroying the Quran, does this thereby destroy God’s Word to the Muslims? No. I don’t believe that any Muslim would agree that if every Quran were destroyed that their religion or God’s Word would also be laid waste. But is burning a Quran an insult? Absolutely! It would indeed be hurtful and horrifying to them. It is something sacred being desecrated. Similarly, when the Eucharist is desecrated and destroyed, Catholics do not believe that Jesus has also been destroyed (although they believe the Eucharist to be the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ). Rather, only that particular manifestation of God has been desecrated. God Himself is untouchable! But it is still hurtful and horrifying, not to mention extremely PERSONAL when the sacred matter of any faith is treated irreverently, and it is a human reaction to defend that, even with our lives. Ultimately, the sacred is whatever our lives revolve around, whatever gives us meaning and purpose. It is no wonder, then, why anyone would take personally the desecration of something sacred to them.

    What bothers me is that we insult the whole Islamic world at the burning of a Quran, even though only an extremist minority led the 9/11 assault. American Muslims were just as horrified at that as the rest of us. Why should they also suffer? It is like labeling every Catholic priest as a pedophile even though only a very small percentage of clergy worldwide have committed such atrocities. It is unjust and unnecessary. Hate breeds hate. If we allow the Quran to be burned, do we really expect that this will end Muslim hostility? Ultimately, I think this was the message you were also trying to convey. Thank you for your comments.

  • Chuck

    Mr. Jones:
    Don’t do it, don’t burn that Quran. You’ll only create more hardship for our troops, and Christian missionaries across the world. You will just strengthen the left & the Godless, who are always on the lookout for Christian hypocrisy. Jesus said to love your neighbor, even your enemy, no less. The Bible teaches us to be at peace as much as is possible with all men & women. Don’t take the name of God in vain.

  • jean k.

    shame on Terry Jones for calling himself a pastor and threatening a hateful act .