Abbot Senecal Extended Interview

Abbot Barnabas Senecal, a Benedictine monk, reflects on the Psalms, prayer, photography, and the Benedictine desire “to seek God daily.” Edited by Fred Yi.


  • Ruth Elsbrnd

    Thank you for your excellent programs. The one on Muslims was so timely today. I appreciated the comment of the Notre Dame history professor who was interviewed.

    How can you help change the fear that dominates the ugly attitude toward immigrants?

  • National Christian Association

    Yes, we agree with you. By the way, the Benidictine herbal history is most interesting to me. Many find it too medieval, but I think otherwise. Herbal healing is linked to God, I think. After all, Jesus himself says he is the vine and the tree of life in Holy Scripture. – V. Martin Ogrosky