• Julie

    Wow. What insight and inspiration!

  • Anna


    I think that you are brilliant.

    Anna C Young

  • Kara

    I just read your book and it was amazing what you went through. It has really helped me and your a really great person. Thank you very much.

  • kathie mowery

    thank you for all you do and your words of wisdom and i would love to see that piece of first artwork you made thank you and god bless

  • JJ

    i could never make that kind of art work! even with my hands!!! ur great!

  • ann forrer

    I thank God that so many people are being helped through your suffering, Joni….and I pray that you are blessed beyond measure here and in the life to come. What a witness you are to the suffering that Jesus endured for us…..and that it was used for an amazing purpose….a good that was beyond measure came out of it! Praying for you! Ann

  • Kerry

    Joni, your life story is incredible. You remind me that God has a big purpose for me as well. I know this year I have felt challenged in many ways, but you remind me that God is bigger than anything I go through. He will be with me through every type of struggle that comes my way. People like you and Chris Burke remind me that God can do a big work through me to touch this world.

  • Kim Graham

    You are an Awesome women!!! I admire your strength. I love the way you have allowed God to work in your life and bless you.

  • Mackenzie

    I think it is really cool how you draw with your mouth…i own one of your paintings…and its really pretty

  • Leesa

    Hello Joni, I have been an admirer of yours since was but a little girl. I think you are an awesome roll model for young and old alike. I happen to have been blessed with one of your pieces of art. It is called the Monarch and I know it was one of your earlier works and it is my prize possession, I have the matching print to it as well. I have read several of your books, including of coarse your first one. When I am tired and stressed or depressed or angry I often think of you and say to myself what am I complaining about? Joni, you have inspired me to try to always look for the good in everything that surrounds me and to remember that the Lord is always by my side and that I am never without his love and that he will provide me with what I need and will always give me the inner strength I need to move forward each and every day in good times and in bad.

    Thank you