Arthur Kleinman Extended Interview

“You cannot understand caregiving unless you do it,” says Arthur Kleinman. “Acts of caregiving come as close to what I think religion is as I could name.” Watch more of Bob Abernethy’s conversation with him.


  • Linda Adams

    Last night as I was channel surfing, I came across PBS and the interview Bob Abernethy conducted with Mr. Arthur Kleinman on Caregiving. As a former caregiver during the past 10 years for my husband and now his widow (for the past few months), I was very interested and thoroughly captivated in what Mr. Kleinman had to say. I certainly understood the feelings he mentioned. It is indeed a mixture of honor, love and respect along with heavy doses of anger, fear, loneliness and grief as we try to do the best we can in taking care of our loved ones. I was impressed with the honesty and candidness he expressed regarding the processes we go through in our attempt to comfort.
    I, for one, appreciate hearing how others are coping in their efforts as caregivers and thank you for airing this interview. Please extend my gratitude to both Mr. Abernethy and Mr. Kleinman.

  • Pete Smith

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks so much for showing this segment. My wife’s mother is undergoing exactly the same circustances since she had her strokes, and her father is caregiver to her. Really tough going. PTG

  • Jeff

    Mr Kleinman says it well. Most of us come to care-giving out of obligation and service. Care-giver support groups are powerful and I found temporary. This is why I learned about an audio product that was useful called the caregiver relief kit.