David Gibson Extended Interview

“The Democrats’ faith outreach in 2010 hasn’t been anything like it was in 2008…They really needed to ramp up their faith outreach, and they haven’t done that,” according to PoliticsDaily.com religion writer David Gibson. Watch more of Kim Lawton’s interview with him about religion, politics, and Democratic outreach to communities of faith.


  • Nancy

    So what? Who do u think u r to judge a party on RELIGIOUS beliefs? Any group who calls themselves a ‘church’ and a ‘Christian’ is spitting in the wind. Democracy is the closest man-made organization to GOD that has ever been in the world and demands tolerance for people’s religious beliefs as well as atheists. That is what the basic beliefs of Democrats in the Democratic party. That’s what it’s always supposed to have been and ever more. To me; this looks like nothing more than a push for power and that works for satan of those who hurt others for power. For when we who love GOD and his son Jesus is powerless against such evil people against freedom, than we put it in GOD’S hands and HE is strong. Clearly, there is a Judgement day coming. And it may mean the end of the world or a miracle improvement. Some people may get their judgement day at a different time than others, especially if scientists study of dimension, time, and space could be a startling truth. Truly, GOD speaks thru some of his creations…including man. Depends on who every individual man (or woman) is loyal to, doesn’t it?