Brother David Steindl-Rast Extended Interview

Watch more of correspondent Kate Olson’s conversation with Brother David Steindl-Rast on faith, belief, mysticism, interreligious dialogue, and prayer.


  • James Mitchell

    The Bible instructs God’s people to come out from among spiritual Babylon and be separate — II Cor. 6:17 and Rev. 18:4. Repeatedly God had the nation of Israel punished and sold into slavery for mixing their religion with apostate and pagan religions. But today, ecumenism is pushed as modern etiquette, when really it is the infiltration and infestation of truth and purity.

  • Gerd

    Dear brother David,
    You are the baccoming CHRIST, One of many.
    with deep respect
    someone – gerd

  • Nancy Walton-House

    Great interview with a very wise spiritual teacher. I appreciate Brother David’s insight and inspiring work. He shows us that we can honor our own believer or secular traditions while living in right relationship with all. We need more spiritual teachers like him! Thank you for bringing Brother David to us at Thanksgiving when we reflect on our blessings as we enter the holiday season. Hopefully this reflection will cause us to embody gratitude, peace and good will toward all now and in the future.

  • David

    This is a reply to James Mitchell…

    The real issue is your fundamentalist understanding of the Bible.
    Your interpretation completely fails to understand HOW the Bible can into existence. It is the writing of people inspired by God. God did not dictate the words, rather they are the living words of people in a particular historical time/place.

    To take specific passages from New Testament (Christian Scriptures) and use them to condemn ecumenism shows complete misunderstanding of the Bible and its origins.

  • Robert Kubarych

    You mean apostate and pagan religions like Zoroastrianism from which Judaism may have acquired the belief in the existence of one supreme God?