• Gloria Soskel

    Thank you for making me aware of Debbie Friedman’s death. I heard her only once and don’t really remember where or when but I do remember her singing and songs made me feel happy so I bought one of her tapes soon after hearing her and occasionally listened to it but not in recent years. She somehow stayed in my memory (and heart). Today, on TV and then your website (pbs.org) I was able to learn a little about her service to others and some of her thoughts.

    After 5+ years I’m currently still recovering fromllchronic complications from a stem cell transplant that probably kept me alive after developing Leukemia. Not much of a lifethese 5 plus years but yet, I am still alive. Its been tough going; mostly house-bound, little or no energy, drugged most of the itme and with limitied cheer or ability to be a whole, functioning, participating person. As it haooens, just today — I am feeling very well. Tomorrow I may be back to not feeling well again but TODAY IS A SIGN OF PROGRESS….finally.

    Reading about Debbie and what she did and stood for inspires me to look forward to totally getting well. Thank you to PBS and Debbie Friedman.

  • Ruth Elsbernd

    Thank you for an excellent program. Respect is so needed for every person. I liked the story about the white pastor and his part with Martin Luther King, Jr. His wife’s picturing a circle of love protecting them, how they worked together with many people including Rosa Parks is a fascinating story. What courage! respect!

    Trees being planted to replace the burned ones, and more emphasis on healing are good news.

    Thank you for your uplifting emphasis on good news. Ruth Elsbernd