Reynolds Price, 1933-2011

Celebrated American writer Reynolds Price died on January 20, 2011. He was 77, and he often wove his Christian faith into his writings. He also published two biblical translations. All the great religious creeds, he said, “have known forever that if we’re ever to arrive at the state of anything called wisdom, pain seems to be the way we get there.” Watch excerpts about illness, suffering, and survival from our 1998 interview with him.


  • Michael Doyle

    Reynolds Price’s comment towards the end of this fascinating and moving interview,
    that the important question for the insightful believer is , Why is God so interested in pain,
    is a question not often answered. In Price’s case, the awful and painful illness he encountered
    was followed by a very prolific period and a more gentle and loving person.
    The vision Price had of Jesus saying he was cured, when clearly he was not, must be part of the answer.