• esprit ouvert

    Incredible! What a beautiful explication of doubt and faith and the journey from one to the other. Thank you so much for introducing me to Mary Karr! I am going to run out and get Lit and a volume of poetry.

  • Pamela Bradley

    Mary, what a wonderful interview!! You did a great job, explaining Catholocism, & the feeling of community @ Mass!

  • michelle

    For those of us who did not grow up with the picket fences and families like Ozzie & Harriet (the Mass of Population), the honesty of Mary Karr’s writing has opened my own eyes to how to pray from the God’s Honest Truth of my Soul vs. the image of who I wished to be. The pain of my own history has been shielded in my own prayers. The trilogy of her books, read in a 2 month span was painful at times, yet gave me hope in my own life to find acceptance and peace in my heart.