Congressional Hearings on American Muslims

As Congress prepares for March 10 hearings on the radicalization of American Muslims called by Rep. Peter King of New York, watch highlights from a recent Capitol Hill briefing on Islamophobia in the United States hosted by the Arab American Institute and the Muslim Public Affairs Council. Speakers included Maya Berry, executive director of the Arab American Institute; Matthew Duss, national security editor for the Center for American Progress; Deepa Iyer, executive director of South Asian Americans Leading Together; Suhail Khan, senior fellow at the Institute for Global Engagement; and Alejandro Beutel, government and policy analyst for the Muslim Public Affairs Council.


  • Fred in Dallas

    I’m concerned this could become a witch hunt; I would be much more comfortable if the committee included all religious groups in it’s research of radicalism. The Christian radical-right, e.g. Westboro Church, are every bit as dangerous as any radical Muslim; in fact Christian radicals are more dangerous as they operate under the veil of respectability and social acceptance in America.

  • Shell Stenger

    Sending much loving kindness and positive thoughts to my fellow Americans, the Arab/Muslim Americans. Know that I support you and will stick up for you. May people educate themselves better to learn the truth and may you be treated with respect instead of prejudice. Namaste

  • Thomas Chuvala

    We need a debate about this subject and it is naive to think that al-Qaeda is not targeting US mosque/muslims to recruite. However, it would be better broaden this to ALL radical religions and find the root cause of where each is clashing with each other. It we can create a buffer between these groups they will start to die as they will no longer have ammo or fuel to prove their points. This will not be easy, but we have to start somewhere.

  • James Mitchell

    The only good Muslim is the one that is questioning his faith.