Harold Attridge: Faith, Poverty, and US Self-Interest

In an Ash Wednesday interview at the National Press Club, at an event on faith and fighting poverty sponsored by Yale Divinity School and International Relief and Development, the dean of Yale Divinity School talked about the moral obligations of people of faith.


  • Jon

    Perhaps not surprisingly for Yale, this is a profoundly ignorant man. Note how quickly his discourse drifts from the Gospels to his own personal political views which he seeks to justify through scripture. It is just as distasteful when this is done on the left. Shame on PBS for giving him a platform.

  • Geri McGaw

    Somewhere in that bible of yours, it says; Thou shall not lie (deceive), and Thou shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. SHAME ON YOU!

    From: a proud Tea Party Member

  • Jeff Tombrello

    The Catholic Church is the biggest supporter of poverty on the planet. As long as the Catholic Church fights against the distribution of birth control methods, poor women in the world will have no control over their lives and will continue to watch their children starve to death in poverty. The Vatican needs to be dissolved and its vast wealth used to help the poor of the world that it helped to create. It feeds the fire of poverty with gasoline while only sprinkling the flames with the human kindness of medical help and shelters, doing so for the self satisfaction and the illusion of charity. Everyone knows the history of its evil. When I see someone who has put soot on their forehead , I am amused. […]. Stop the ridiculous gestures, and hollow talk. It’s is not about sending a few bucks to a charity or refusing to salt your food for 40 days, it’s about seeing who the friends of poverty are are refusing to support them. Until birth control is readily and often secretly available to the women of the entire world, nothing we do, either individually or as a nation, will make a dent in poverty.

  • K. C. Crema

    Thank you, Harold Attridge for respectful discourse. Civil discourse to me means stating and listening to viewpoints not our own and respecting them even if we don’t agree with them. Our disagreement can be obvious, but disrespect shouldn’t be. To me, picking the poor to bear such a disproportionate share of the burden of budget balancing seems impossibly mean-spirited for the country I love. As he said, we may choose to do things differently in future, But somewhere basic ‘love your neighbor’ seems to be getting lost.