Michael Abbatello Extended Interview

“It’s like you don’t really know your spirit until it’s been damaged. We don’t really have a consciousness of our own spirit until it’s wounded, and then it needs help,” says Michael Abbatello, who served in Afghanistan as a rifleman in a Marine Corps infantry line unit.


  • Mary Torres Siarkowski

    I believe it’s hight time we show our troops that we love them. Yes!!! America loves you. We need to show them that we respect them for the sacrifices they have made for our freedom. We have what we have because others gave of themselves to provide us the awesome latitude to do whatever we feel like. Let us never forget that the things we don’t have to worry about like Afghanistan, combat, enemy, fear, guilt, moral wounds, post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD, sacrifice, war, and wounded spirit is because there is a military warrior out there who carried or is carrying all of this for us. Each one of them is carrying these burdens so we don’t have to. They will carry the burdens forever in their minds and hearts. It is our responsibility to take care of them when they return home. Because we reap the benefits of those who have carried and continue to carry the burdens and we are spared the atrocities, it is our moral obligation and duty to assuage the moral wounds in whatever manner we can. We are accountable to our military warriors for the rest of their lives. Do it with pride. We owe them our freedom and lives!!!

  • Brenda Arley

    Thank you, Michael, for your service and your continued service by helping the people of the world know the deep wounds of war. May all beings be warriors of peace.

  • Uncle Gary

    Hi Mike,

    Uncle Gary here you are doing a great service now even more than during your time in the military. I served during the Vietnam Era but was still in training when the war ended so I never saw action I do remember speaking with some of the helicopter pilots in my unit who had been to Vietnam and some had similar experiences and a few ended up expelled from the military for one reason or another. Uncle Kenny served in the Gulf and of course Grandpa & grandma Gillon both served during WWII. Despite what has happened since you left the service you can still believe you did what you thought was the right thing to do.

  • RDB

    Great Interview Mike, you have our support in G-town, things are looking up brother.