Prayer and Fasting Campaign on Budget Cuts

As Congress continues to debate deep cuts to the federal budget, a coalition of 38 faith-based and anti-hunger advocacy groups launched a new prayer and fasting campaign to protect funding for programs that help poor and vulnerable people in the US and around the world. At a Washington news conference on March 28, several prominent religious leaders said they are beginning a fast to seek God’s help in fighting proposed budget cuts they believe are “immoral.” Watch excerpts from the news conference with Ambassador Tony Hall, retired congressman and executive director of the Alliance to End Hunger; Rev. David Beckmann, president of Bread for the World; and Jim Wallis, president of Sojourners, and see R&E managing editor Kim Lawton’s follow-up interviews with Beckmann and Hall.


  • Bart Tarman

    This is fabulous. We are all encouraged to see a sacrificial and moral response to poverty! Bart Tarman

  • Hugo R. Vigoroso

    The group effort concern for the common good is fabulous. Congress should follow this level of responsibility and they would not have to “fast” to do so!

  • Patricia Russo

    Although I have been fasting since Saturday April 2 I am not hopeful that the issues will be resolved in such a way to prevent harm to the poor. I think it is important to lodge a protest about this immoral budget. I am surprised that more people are not protesting.

  • Zee Kallah

    The Lord called meto fast and pray regarding this debt crisis.

    I am so glad there are many others with whom I join.

  • Phydroxide

    By aleviating hunger now, we sell our Freedom. My heart goes out to those who are hungry. I fear for them, because their stomachs cannot stay full, and soon their freedom will be gone. Genesis 25:34.