Rabbi Sharon Brous Extended Interview

“The idea that it’s possible to move from slavery to freedom and from darkness to light and from despair to hope—that is the greatest Jewish story every told,” says Rabbi Sharon Brous of IKAR, a Jewish spiritual community in Los Angeles. Watch more of our interview with her on the meaning of Passover.


  • Ephi

    you helped us prepare for passover!!!!!
    It was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Ruth U. Button

    watched the Passover segments on April 15. Then the Easter.segment….It would have been a good interfaith touch, if when you followed with a mention of the Last Supper, you would have noted that it was a
    Seder……also noting the connection with the time of year for Passover and Easter…..
    thank you

  • Elayne Bernstein Landy of Pasadeba

    Dear Rabbi Brous, What a delight to listen to you at this time of year. My paternal grandmother Bessie Strober Bernstein and your great grandmother Yetta were sisters. I never met Yetta but the two sisters had small diamond rings made from their mother’s earrings. Bess sent me hers at the birth of my son Evan in 1962.
    I loved your sentiments and would like to know more about where your community is………Our branch of the family
    of the family was very humanistic. Maybe someday we’ll meet. Keep up the good work.

  • Lauren of Ashland

    @Elayne Bernstein Landy of Pasadena: You might want to also send this message to Rabbi Brous through the IKAR website or another means since she might not read these comments.

  • Sherril Stroop

    Thank you Lord for another example of the challenge and triumph of the Gospel of love.This ministry answers the call of visiting the sick, those in prison and feeding the hungrey.